Naked by David Sedaris – Book 9

Have you ever been held at gunpoint by someone who picked you up when hitchhiking?  Or befriended a paraplegic, mainly for the “credit” others gave you for being such a good person?  Maybe spent a week at a nudist camp trying to figure out  why the most important requirement was to bring lots of towels?

Photo Credit: Goodreads

“Naked” by David Sedaris is a hilarious memoir of the author’s life.  Sedaris finds humor in his faults, his family, and the strange situations that he encounters.  Unlike some other popular memoirs, “Naked” is very well written and easy to enjoy.  Each essay (as his chapters are called) is short, humorous, and enjoyable, and gives you an idea of what Sedaris’s life has been like.

I highly recommend “Naked” by David Sedaris.  This is a quick read and well worth it!


8 thoughts on “Naked by David Sedaris – Book 9

  1. I haven’t read this book but I’ve read others by David Sedaris and live everything he has written. Thanks for the great review!


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