Book Thought – Places to Read

On September 1, I will be leaving Florida and heading to Denver for 6 months.  I’m excited and a little nervous, and will miss my Florida places, friends, and family.

I will also miss my favorite places to enjoy a good book!

Enjoying a great read in my favorite swivel chair in the office at my house

Smirking at something funny while reading on my back porch in the shade, with a cold drink close by

Reading on the comfy couch with my dog Tilly by my side

This is my favorite place of all! Reading in the pool is a great combination of sun, heat, tanning, and reading, all the while wearing SPF 30!

Where is your favorite place to read?  Tell me and/or send me a photo by email, Twitter, or Facebook!

Thanks for reading,


Thank you Stephanie for being such a wonderful photographer!

12 thoughts on “Book Thought – Places to Read

  1. PLEASE DON’T GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the happy side though, at least I can still read your blog (and talk on the phone, and Skype, and iMessage…..but still, I’m just saying…..). 🙂


  2. I love that chair! So glad you are getting so much good use out of it. And you are such a good multi tasker by reading in the pool.


  3. My favorite place to read is the yellow couch at mom and dad’s house…even though Roxie may not love it when I take her spot!


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