Book Thought – Bad Grammar

One of my pet peeves is the improper use of grammar or words that are spelled incorrectly in writing.  I mean, seriously, does it cost that much to hire an editor for your book?  Don’t you have a friend who would be willing to check your work?

Maybe it’s because I have been an elementary school teacher for five years, or because I was an English Education Major for a semester, but incorrect grammar and the misspelling of words really bugs me!

This advertisement was on the bathroom wall of a restaurant where I was with some friends the other night.  Notice the error?

Actually “your” dumb. As a reminder, “your” is possessive and “you’re” means “you are.” It’s not that difficult, especially when you are PAYING for your advertisement!

Here’s an older one.  Check out the writing on the viewer at the pier.

A viewer at the pier just north of where I live in Florida. What is “disance” viewing? You couldn’t fit the “t”?

Even worse, in college, I had a professor who wrote his own digital textbook (this was around 2004, so digital textbooks weren’t common yet), but he did not have anyone edit the textbook.  There were spelling errors, comma errors, and other grammatical errors throughout the entire book.  I learned absolutely nothing in that class or from his textbook because I was so focused on the errors!

I more recently paid a large sum for a study guide for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam, a test I needed to pass in order to receive my Master’s degree.  The guide is one of the few out there for this specific exam.  I was so disappointed to notice all of the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as I read!  Since I had printed out the digital guide, as I studied, I marked all of the errors.  I was even tempted to call the company and offer to edit the guide for them, but what stopped me was that I paid a lot for the guide.  Shouldn’t THEY have been able to afford an editor?

Basically, my rant concludes with the following advice: Either hire an editor or ask a friend to check your work!  Not a difficult concept!

Now I’m just a little paranoid that I might have made an error in this post!  I have read and reread it just to make sure I’m free and clear of mistakes!

What’s the best (or worst) grammar mistake you have seen, or made yourself?

Thanks for reading,


Addendum: I wrote this post earlier this afternoon, at around 4:30.  It’s now 9:00, and while flipping through the channels, I came across this grammatical error:

Even documentary titles need to be proofed before printed!

Could the timing have been more perfect?

5 thoughts on “Book Thought – Bad Grammar

  1. Great topic! You should take a sample of your corrected pages from that digital guide and send them to the publisher demanding a refund of your purchase price and an offer to edit that guide, and others they may have, for a fee.


  2. The your/you’re mistake is my biggest pet peeve in the world. It makes me grit my teeth!

    New follower on Twitter and Facebook 🙂


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