Damn You, Autocorrect! by Jillian Madison – Book 23

Never would I thought that Damn You, Autocorrect by Jillian Madison (based on the website) would be so amazingly hilarious!  I was downstairs with a friend, looking at books in our apartment complex’s book sharing library, and thought I’d open the book and see if some of the autocorrections in texts were funny.

They weren’t.  They were RIDICULOUSLY HILARIOUS!  Like laughing so hard I was literally crying.

For instance (from the back cover):

  • Person 1: Don’t worry, seriously. He’s crazy about you and he loves you so much.  He told me the other day that you’re the first girl he had ever thought about the fuhrer with. Xx
  • Person 2: WTF?
  • Person 1: Ok so that was supposed to say future… Damn phone! Xx

And (from page 62). . .

  • Person 1: Sext me. Right now.
  • Person 2: Ohhhh baguette
  • Person 2: hahahahahaha
  • Person 2: Babyyyy*

But what is autocorrect?  For those of you who live under a rock, autocorrect is a software function that tries to correct words that are usually misspelled, and this mainly happens thought texting.

Most of the time, it works amazingly.

However, this book shows the consequences that autocorrect can have on conversations.

Now, I totally wouldn’t normally count something like this on my 100 Books in a Year list, but it’s 277 pages of hilariousness that I COULD NOT PUT DOWN!  It even interrupted my reading of Age of Miracles that I had been dying to read and waited weeks for from the library.

Also, I’m listing this book as nonfiction. . . which is kind of funny, but isn’t it a real book about real autocorrect events????

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a humorous book!  It’s a quick read and so worthwhile!  “Damn You, Autocorrect” is probably the funniest book I have ever read!

It also makes me wish I had more of an autocorrect story than changing “so” to “do.”  That’s not a very funny one.  But there are many funny ones in the book!

Share here your personal Damn You, Autocorrect moment!


11 thoughts on “Damn You, Autocorrect! by Jillian Madison – Book 23

  1. Oh Em Gee! I did NOT know that there was a book! This website might be the funniest thing I’ve ever come across. It always brings me to snorts and tears 😉


    • Apparently there is an app for your phone, too! I have to download it ASAP. I was literally CRYING and couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard during my reading of the book. It would be a great coffee table book or something to buy and share with all of your friends!


      • I have to tell you: I shared this on Facebook which led my sister to read your review and then onto the website. She sent me a few texts to let me know that she was crying and couldn’t stop laughing 😉 lol


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