Book Club: Gone Girl – Part 1

Love at First Book Club: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Part 1

This is “week” 1, which really is 2 weeks since there are a lot of pages to read (about 215 pages).  So. . . Week 1: Oct 29-Nov 11 – Part 1 

Woo hoo!  We’re finally getting started with “Gone Girl”!  If you’re here, you have read the first part, or are currently reading it!

Please go ahead and start (or continue) the conversation!  Remember to come back to continue to respond to others who comment throughout the week (and month)!  Write as much or as little as you please, and don’t forget to link your own blog if you have one!

Only post about Part 1, please!  Spoilers totally allowed for Part 1, but no spoilers for the remainder of the book, please!  Save those for the later posts.

Haven’t finished Part 1 yet?  Come back when you’re done and join in the conversation!

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34 thoughts on “Book Club: Gone Girl – Part 1

  1. Reminder. . . stop now if you haven’t read Part 1 of Gone Girl because there are spoilers to Part 1 here!

    Well, I sure yelled at Nick a whole lot during Part 1. The lies, oh my goodness, the lies. When he said, “It was my fifth lie to the police. I was just starting” I flipped out! Literally, my friend Katie (who is reading with us) and I were texting like crazy back and forth about it. Here we are as readers, unsuspecting, and we can’t even believe what Nick is saying to us!!!! And then he kept admitting to lying, over and over. Another great Nick quote “I’m a big fan of the lie of omission” (p. 133 in my copy).

    I was getting a little fed up with the suspense of his disposable phone (what IS a disposable phone BTW? Like one of those Go Phones at Walmart?), when finally we figured out who was on the other end. I was actually not surprised. Nick is a prick.

    Sounds like he’s responsible for the death of Amy. But I’ve heard that this book has twists and turns, so I wonder if we’re being led to believe this is his doing, but maybe it’s not. Sure seems like he’s the culprit, but we are only on Part 1 of 3!

    Something seems off about Amy, too. I like her, but I wonder a little about all these people who were obsessed with her. I wonder if there will be more to it than just strange obsessions over her. . . We will see!

    On a side note, I am reading from the hardcover edition which has a book jacket. Is it just me or does the book jacket make it impossible to concentrate? The outside of the jacket is black, but inside the edges are neon orangey-pink, which was soooo detrimental to my concentration that I had to remove it in order to actually read the book. Anyone else feel that way?

    So, I wrote a lot, but you can write as much or as little as you want!

    Thoughts on Nick? Amy? If Amy is dead, where is her body? I can’t wait to hear what you think since I am on the edge of my seat ready to continue on to Part 2!

    Thanks for reading,



    • THE DUST JACKET. Oh my goodness, it’s horrible. I actually tweeted about it yesterday, with a photo. This is the first time I’ve ever had to remove a dust jacket in order to read the book. It was actually starting to hurt my peripheral vision, and then my eyes kept getting drawn to it. Horrible design decision.

      I have actually finished the book, so I will try to answer about how I felt after reading the first part…


  2. Before I comment on the meat of part 1, I have to say that I literally laughed out load when I read on pg 78 “Do you think Judith Viorst kidnapped Amy for Alexander so that he wouldn’t have any more terrible horrible no good very bad days?” and then again on pg 79 “We’ll have the cops round up Viorst.” “And that bitch Beverly Cleary too.” What do you think those authors think about Gone Girl?


  3. Okay. So.

    I think Nick is a jerk, but I don’t think he killed Amy. It’s way too obvious a thought. I think the author is leading us to believe he killed her (he certainly doesn’t have any warm feelings for her anymore), but I don’t think he hurt her. Besides, they’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found a body.

    I’m not sure how to feel about Amy. If we have one unreliable narrator in Nick (if he’s lying to the police then he’s lying to us, too, I think), then maybe Amy is just as unreliable. Think about friends or family who have been in broken relationships where you end up hearing both sides of the story–both people tell their own version, and usually the two stories aren’t the least bit the same. They both blame each other and dramatize the parts of the relationship that bothered them the most.

    I feel awful for Amy because we’re being led to believe that the troubled marriage is all Nick’s fault, but at the same time, I agree with Rebecca that something feels “off” about her.


    • Amy is just too “clean” and proper. I think that some of these stalking situations just seem odd. How many people really are just stalked by everyone since they are so amazing? But so far, Amy seems to be the victim here.

      Although, yes, it’s very easy to blame Nick. I mean, he’s lying to the police and he felt sick when he talked to Amy the morning she disappeared.

      But yeah, where is the body? Nick is lying but we still don’t have Amy’s body. How could it disappear without a trace?


  4. I am such a naive reader. I believe everything Amy says. I am hoping that Nick didn’t kill Amy, but it’s not looking good. He’s a liar & a cheat, but does that make him a killer?

    I think the part that bothers me, beside despicable Nick, is when Amy’s parents request for money from her trust fund to help them out of a tight spot. I thought they were going to ask for a few thousand dollars, but they are asked to practically wipe out her sizable trust fund! Amy is stuck. If she gives them all they ask for, then she has no financial cushion especially at a time when she & Nick may need to tap those funds. If she doesn’t give them the money, then her relationship with her parents may suffer. They seem to have a very odd family dynamic. I hate that her parents asked for the money. That seems to reinforce that Amy is just the vehicle for their financial stability and not so much their beloved daughter.

    I was charmed by Amy’s clues/scavenger hunt for their anniversary each year. I think it is so romantic and a beautiful way to celebrate another year of marriage. However, it’s obvious that she & Nick are not on the same page for this ritual. I am dying to know what is in that shed! Is it Amy?


    • The police are idiots for not searching the shed if it was possible that Amy’s body could be there.

      I think Nick is a jerk, and he could easily be the murderer, with all the lies he is saying to the police. But I feel like he’s lying to us, too! So I don’t know. . .

      And so far, Amy looks amazing, but it’s clear her parents used her to make Amazing Amy and that it probably took a toll on her in real life. I know what you mean about her parents taking the money. I kind of wish they’d just sell their fancy schmancy home instead of asking for the money from Amy. But since they did, it’s another clue that there’s something wrong with Amy and she’s not so perfect. A little fake to be so easy to lend the money and not be really angry.


    • I believed everything Amy wrote in her diary, too, but I still had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I think what bothered me were all the stories about her “stalkers.” I think maybe one or two of them are truly weird, but I feel like there *just happen* to be too many of them. I mean, I know she’s famous within a certain circle, but I don’t think she’s stalking material, really.

      I LOVE the treasure hunt–my father used to do this for my mom every Christmas, but the hunt was contained within the house. When I first read that Amy did this for Nick, my heart grew ten sizes.


    • I couldn’t agree more, that she’s a vehicle to their financial stability. We clearly aren’t seeing the whole picture yet, and I’m not just talking about Amy and Nick. Her parents are off, and don’t behave like normal parents, with the book and the asking for money.


  5. just finished part one and without really thinking of course I continued to the next section. After about 2 pages I forced myself to stop reading and log on to post my thoughts on the first section before I forget what I was thinking while reading it. I agree that Nick comes off as a prick. I was already having my doubts about hsi character and then we find out he’s been having an affair for over a year! Even though I was angry at him when I found that out and also angry that he seems to be a pathalogical liar, I still found myself feeling sorry for him. He just does not come off as the murdering type. I justI kept thinking he is so stupid!- totally agree with Go’s attitude toward him. Towards the end of the section when Amy is talking about being frigtened of him I definitely thought about the possibility of him being guilty. I caught myself thinking that he may have done it but maybe had some sort of mental breakdown and doesn’t remember what he did. Obviously that theory became even more doubtful when we found out about the mopped up blood and staged crime scene since that means there was logical thinking going on.

    I also found some of the things Amy said is her diary strange. It was strange to me that she went from constantly wanting to prove herself to Nick and win back his love to saying she needed to buy a gun to feel safe from him. It just seemed like a wierd transition to me. Additionally, the comment that Desi made about Amy’s father was strange and got me thinking… Then, we find out Amy had been date raped by an ex. Wouldn’t her husband have known anything about something like that? If not, she is obviously very good at hiding emotions/ feelings. She seems to be hiding a lot from Nick- Noelle, the pregancy, what else? And how could she not know where he is going for the past year when he sneaks off to meet Andie. Even the Amy in the diary seems like a woman who would take some action and follow him at least once. She already admitted to checking his computer…

    Venita- so funny you mention the line about Alexander and the no good- horrible- bad day. I laughed when I read that too! It was actually one of my favorite books when I was little!
    OK – now time to start the next section- I know what I will be doing all day tomorrow!


    • I can’t believe she had a best friend that he had no idea about. Why wouldn’t she share that with him. He thought she was so lonely, especially after the death of his mother. Why wouldn’t she be so excited to tell him that she wasn’t in fact, alone.

      On a side note, something has happened between Amy and Nick’s dad. I’m not suggesting anything sexual. I just mean they share something. Whether she visits him secretly, or if maybe she reminds him of an ex from his youth or something. It just seems strange, the reaction he always has to her presence.


    • I like your thoughts on Nick. . . someone else had mentioned Nick’s obsession with Amy’s skull, so maybe it is possible for him to have murdered Amy. But big question to me is where is Amy’s body????

      You’re pretty insightful with the diary entries. I didn’t think anything was off about them at all, which obviously was me being naive, I guess!

      The friendship with Noelle was strange, too, because it just sounded like Noelle was being crazy and obsessive. . .


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  7. Ok. Well first of all I L.O.V.E. this book. I am convinced that Nick is schizo and he’s lying about everything because his other personality did it. I know it’s a little far fetched, but why would he be lying continually with no real reason to?!? There is something seriously off about him though. I mean that smile during the press thing at the police station? Creeper. I’m also a little put off by his relationship with Go. I know it’s ok to be close to your sibling, but theirs is a little too close for comfort. So, the disposable phone….I didn’t know those really existed. Why does he have one? It looks so suspicious and yet he won’t get rid of it. I was floored to find out who it was, and what he was up to. It’s insane. I feel really bad for Amy, because her parents appear to be perfect but are really passive aggressive parents that show their constant disappointment in their daughter publicly by writing exactly the opposite of her life in the Amazing Amy series. Is comes across as adoration to the unknowing reader, but how must Amy feel? She is constantly being told her life isn’t good enough or normal, while they actually tell her not to read too much into. Not cool. Normally I think I wouldn’t like a book with such extreme main characters but Gillian Flynn has amazing style, and she writes in a way that is totally captivating. I stayed up all night one night finishing part one, and then I just kept going, I COULD NOT. PUT. IT.DOWN. I mean wow. I can’t wait to finish the rest.


    • Well we know that Nick is lying about something!!! But where in the world is Amy’s body????

      The affair definitely makes it seem like Nick is guilty. I mean, it gives him some motivation. Also, Nick being disgusted by Amy while she was making breakfast is pretty bad, too.


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  9. So I COMPLETELY forgot to post on here! I blew threw part 1. In fact, I liked part 1 so much that I was raving to everyone who would listen to me about the book.

    As Rebecca said in her first post the two of us were texting each other while reading part 1. I’m glad we did because now I’m able to go back and see the “notes” I took. 🙂

    The first thing I texted Rebecca was “I totally think Nick is the killer.” I was completely shocked and irritated by Nick when he kept mentioning he was “lying.” It forced me to go back and try and find any instances in the book to see if I missed something.

    I guess about the cell phone and who was on the other end – I was right. Stereotypical.

    I also thought Noelle the neighbor was hiding something. I didn’t like how she went all crazy psycho bitch at the vigil and threw out that whole pregnancy thing. I hated that woman as a character. As far as the pregnancy thing: I thought maybe all the blood on the floor was due to a potential miscarriage. Maybe she got freaked out by it and staged everything. Right before the end of part 1, I texted Rebecca and said “I think she may have staged it herself, as like a weird cry for help.”

    I was really confused as to why NO ONE interrogated the drunk neighbor Carl. I felt like he probably saw something. I also thought the Dad had something to do with it because he went “missing” from the home the day of. I thought maybe he would like come around and just blurt out something important.

    Also what was up with that person down by the lake that gave Nick the weird eye and spooked him into going into the bar?

    I liked getting to know each of the characters and trying to figure out who was potentially a suspect.

    I thought the author did a really good job of making us think everyone could have kidnapped and/or killed Amy. Everyone seemed to have a motive in the beginning.

    I also like the author’s writing. She seemed to write like a poet, controlling the reader’s speed with punctuation and paragraph styling. I read straight through to Part 2. 🙂


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