Book Thought – Scary, Scary Book Nightmares

Everyone is writing about the best books for Halloween, but not me!  I am writing today about something even scarier. . . bad book events!

He found a mysterious stain in his library book

What can be scarier than . . .

  • When you spill your drink in your book
  • Dog eared pages
  • Finding strange stains on the pages of your library books
  • Severely disliking a book that your friend recommended
  • Accidentally purchasing the wrong book for your Kindle, iPad, etc.
  • Not being able to get ahold of the sequel to the book you just finished (or not even knowing the book is part of a trilogy when you start and have to scramble to find the others, as my friend Mindy fears!)
  • Someone giving you spoilers
  • When someone borrows and never returns one of your favorites
  • Grammatical and spelling errors in your books
  • When you’re caught without a book – My mom’s bookish nightmare
  • When you get back a paperback and it’s bent out of shape from people opening the cover too far – My husband’s bookish nightmare
  • Dropping a book in the pool – My husband’s way of making fun of me for dropping one of the HP books in the pool (which I IMMEDIATELY repurchased on Amazon, thank you very much!)
  • Borrowing book from the library and are halfway through when there’s an entire page missing!!  Talk about stopping you in your tracks – you have to go back to the library and hope they have another! – Fabulous Stephanie from Events by Steph

What is your book nightmare?

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17 thoughts on “Book Thought – Scary, Scary Book Nightmares

  1. There are something like 1,600 people that have the The Casual Vacancy on request in our library system. I’m pretty sure I’m in the 300s somewhere. Luckily they bought A LOT of copies, they’re still actually pushing them into the system. Definitely horrible.


  2. I’ve never come across a missing page like that, I think I’d lose my mind! I’ll tell you my absolute greatest fear: Going blind. I have actual nightmares about that. ::::Shudder:::::


    • I have never had a paperback with a missing page either, but apparently it happens! Another blogger showed that she/he encountered it (but I totally forgot who). And the blind thing, yeah, I have horrible eye sight so I worry about that too!


    • I get anxious about this too! There are so many amazing books out there (and the number keeps growing), and I only have a relatively short time to read them. How will I ever read even a tiny fraction of all the books I want to read?

      It’s like looking at the stars on a clear night and being overwhelmed by how immense the universe is.


      • That is such a good analogy! Because good books KEEP BEING PUBLISHED!!! The list will never get shorter, just longer. Also why I get intimidated and overwhelmed at the library. . . Maybe I just need to go to the library after a glass of wine or two!


  3. You got a very nice list there with scary things that can happen to books. I imagine a book reading this and cringing hehehe.

    Lending out a book and get it back heavily damaged I hate the most.

    And I once started to read a new bought book and it was a misprint and missed like 30 pages. And it was saturday 4.45pm, so I called to bookstore and they waited for me to change it for a correct copy.


    • Noooooooo! That sounds horrible but thank goodness you figured it out in time to call the store to fix the problem!!!!! Can you imagine if you were in your pj’s in bed reading and noticed it at 9pm????? Disaster!


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