Book Club: Gone Girl – Part 2

Love at First Book Club: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Part 2

This is “week” 2, which really is 2 weeks since there are a lot of pages to read and Thanksgiving as well (about 150 pages).  So. . . Week 2: Nov 12- Nov 25

It’s really getting good, isn’t it?

Please go ahead and start (or continue) the conversation!  Remember to come back to continue to respond to others who comment throughout the week (and month)!  Write as much or as little as you please, and don’t forget to link your own blog if you have one!

Only post about Part 2 (& Part 1, if need be), please!  Spoilers totally allowed for Part 2, but no spoilers for the remainder of the book, please!  Save those for the later posts.

Haven’t finished Part 2 yet?  Come back when you’re done and join in the conversation!

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22 thoughts on “Book Club: Gone Girl – Part 2

  1. Holy unreliable narrators, Batman! Listen–I knew there was something…off…about Amy, and I was pretty sure Nick didn’t kill her or have anything to do with her disappearance, but holy kamoly–Amy is one cunning person. Wow.


  2. Wow. The first chapter of part 2 really shows how screwed up Amy is. What a spoiled brat! I mean, Nick is a jerk, but framed for murder??? Come on, Amy, you’re a severely not nice person!

    But I also have to give it to her: she is SMART! Really thoughtful in all of her planning! It’s amazing, actually. Gillian Flynn, are you using Amy to help plan something yourself?

    Ok, so after reading the entire Part 2, I’m amazed. Amy and Nick are super messed up people. Both are so manipulative. Amy more so, but now Nick really does want to murder her and is manipulating her feelings to get her back so he can do it?

    I’m confused and anxious to know what’s coming next!

    But love this quote by Hilary Handy: “Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit. If she punished a friend of a few months by throwing herself down a flight of stairs, what would she do to a man who was dumb enough to marry her?” (p. 292)

    Where are you guys at with this whole thing?



  3. Ok I think Nick is a jerk and a bad husband but Amy is a complete psycho! I mean yeah she’s a very smart psycho but still! And she also can’t be that smart if she can’t see through Nicks pleas for her to come home to him. How could she believe he would still be in love with her after she framed him for her murder? I don’t think Nick is actually going to kill her if she returns. He’s not that dumb (I hope). Do you think Amy is going to hurt/ kill Desi? What is her plan for returning in a way that no one would fault her but still keep Nick from going to jail? I can’t wait to see how this plays out!


    • I think that Amy comes home after Nick’s pleas because she’s so selfish and conceited. She thinks she is the absolute best, when in fact she’s a crazy person.

      Something is up with the Amy/Desi situation. First of all, the whole stalking thing is super odd, and something is strange about that. And who knows what Amy will do. . . she basically can do whatever she wants and knows how to get away with it!!!!

      That’s a good point about wondering how she could come home without putting Nick at fault. . . The story just gets stranger and stranger. . . but in a good way!


  4. Ok. I stayed up until 2am last night reading part 2. I was fighting to stay awake near the end but I couldn’t put it down!!! Wow. Where to begin??

    Amy is a grade-A psychopath! I mean how awful must you be to plan someone’s demise for an entire year. A year!! The lengths this woman went to are scary. Her journal alone was created to go back seven years and cross-referenced with her planners. Holy shamoley. She broke her own toilet to get her friends pregnant pee!! Cutting herself. I can’t believe she actually planned to kill herself after it all played out, and in a manner that would further incriminate Nick! I am amazed that she socked away money for a year and had $10k to live on. Though I find it comical that in 40 days in the middle of the woods she had blown through two grand already. I am happy she got robbed. She is a twisted vindictive person, and she acts like nothing and no one can touch her, but she was so wrong. I’m surprised though how brazen they were in taking her money. Stupid of her though to always carry giant sums of money on her. She should have spent some of that two grand on a small safe to leave in the room!

    I can’t believe she actually called Desi. She is screwing up her master plan by announcing to anyone that she’s alive. And worse, now Desi has her on a leash. Chanel maybe, but a leash no less. He’s not feeding her much so she’ll lose weight, and he’s pushing things on her that he believes she will like, or used to like 25 years ago. How twisted is he that he just happened to have a tulip greenhouse and a bedroom painted dusty rose. Major creeper. I’m super interested to see where she goes and how, after giving him sleeping pills. Did she give him enough to kill him or just put him out. He can’t out her, so it’s another unplanned risk. All the while, she is yearning for Nick. Nick would never make me do this. She even admits that what she mistook for laziness was really Nick allowing her the freedom to do as she pleased.

    Will she go back home? Nick is really laying it on thick with the press. He’s made serious improvements on the PR front. For the most part. Now people are at least unsure if he did it. The only problem, if she does come home I’m almost convinced that he WOULD kill her for putting him through this. I will say this….book character or not, Amy is one of the smartest people ever! The level to which she plans and thinks so thoroughly about everything is downright frightening. I can’t wait to start on part 3!!


    • Haha! I love you comments about how you liked that Amy was robbed! But I completely agree, like why would you carry it around? And come on, even I could tell something was up, so why would Amy let them into her room in the first place???

      Desi totally is a psycho, but Amy’s a million times worse. Framing Nick? Faking journals? I mean, come on!

      Ok, so think about this Stephanie: if you think AMY is smart, how smart is the actual AUTHOR or the book? I think Gillian could get away with a few murders/disappearances herself!

      Heather told me that in one part of another one of Gillian Flynn’s novels, she thanks her husband for being able to sleep next to her with the lights off! 🙂


  5. I read it, I read it! 😀 I did most of it in one day because I couldn’t put it down! I don’t know if I have anything to add to the conversation right now because my mind is full of the WHOLE book and I don’t want to drop spoilers 🙂 I’ll say this: Flynn can write some MESSED up characters like nobody’s business! Wowza.


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  7. Well. I guessed it. Amy is a crazy bitch. I also knew something was up with that diary. I wrote down that I was quite betrayed as a reader. I learned in English class that as a writer you never want to betray your reader. That’s like number 1 rule. The whole time I was more mad about being lied to than actually intrigued about being lied to.

    I also decided that I hate Amy. Like absolutely, unequivocally hate her.


    • I like the fact that we were betrayed because it totally shocked me! I had no idea. I believed everything Amy said in her journals because they are JOURNALS!!!!! Which is why I think she’s screwed up beyond belief because she was lying to us, too!!!!


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