What in the world were you searching for?

One of the statistics that my blog dashboard will give me is the search terms that have led people to click on my blog.

Most of these terms are normal, titles of the books I’m reviewing, author names, that kind of thing.

But some are more interesting (and exact, as I did not alter the spelling, wording, or grammar).

  • bipolar disorder “4 comments” – Someone actually wants to know 4 specific comments on bipolar disorder?  Why?
  • thoughts of making love – I’m pretty sure you did not find what you were looking for on my blog
  • i enjoyed reading invisible man. – Well, I didn’t, if we are discussing the H. G. Wells version.  And since when do search terms have a period at the end?
  • dog book bad grammar – Give them a break!  They didn’t go to school!
  • which 1 has roald dahl’s books was not made into a meanie – You went to school, so what’s your excuse?  You should check out my Damn You, Autocorrect and my Bad Grammar posts because I’m pretty sure you meant movie, not meanie, and your sentence is not grammatically correct.
  • the devil and miss.prym essay – Sly kid thinking I have English essays on my blog!
  • “my library card is pink.” – So is mine!  Why is your search in quotation marks, though?  Is that my quote that someone searched?  Could be!
  • reading in the pool – Only my favorite things to do of all time!  Can’t wait to be back in Florida to do just that, since it’s pretty unappealing to read in a pool when there is snow on the ground.

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10 thoughts on “What in the world were you searching for?

  1. I couldn’t understand the 5th one.
    I have also entries from people who is looking for essays, hehe, probably secondary school students!.
    I’m going to take a look around your library!


  2. All of the search terms I get are pretty “normal” now, but for a long time after I reviewed Jessica Valenti’s Full Frontal Feminism, the search terms I got were AWFUL. Hahaha!


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