Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Book 41 Quickie Review

I’m only doing a quickie review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (no spoilers of course) because I read this book with the amazing Love at First Book Club participants during the month of November.

Gone Girl was such a great book!  Literally I was being lied to the entire time by the characters, which was such a mind game, but also made the book amazing because I had NO idea what was going to happen!

Now, the ending. . . well, a lot of my friends, ones who I value their bookish opinions, hated the ending.  But then a good number of people also enjoyed the ending.  I have to say that the ending is messed up.  But that made me love it!  It was so not Hollywood-like with the cheery, we all go home happy, that it was amazing.

Whether you enjoy or hate the ending, I think that you will enjoy reading the book as a whole.  I also advise you to have a friend who has read it or is reading it at the same pace as you to communicate with throughout your reading of the novel.  Seriously, it’s the only way I survived (thank you to Katie for all of our continuous texting back and forth).

On a side note. . . the inside of the dust jacket is neon pink/orange and such a terrible distraction when reading.  I actually had to remove the dust jacket because I could not concentrate on the story!  But once I took it off, it was fine!

What thriller have you read that had you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns?



17 thoughts on “Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Book 41 Quickie Review

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  2. I was captivated by this page turner of a book until the middle when I felt completely duped by the author. Great read otherwise!


    • I know what you mean, but I was okay with the author lying to me. One of my friends felt the exact same way as you, and was kind of angry with Flynn for all the lies. But I was okay with it, since it turned the book into a crazy rollercoaster ride!


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  5. We read this book over the summer for the neighborhood book club and I found it to be delicious, dark fun. I couldn’t wait for my kids to go to bed so I could read by book light under my favorite tree with the trilling of the crickets serving as the perfect background music. It made for a great summer night book club discussion – lots of fun. Having already read her other two books, and listened to and read interviews with her, I knew all along that I was being toyed with somehow, but that was the fun. It was captivating, I had to know what was going to happen, and I read it in only a few nights which is quick for me. I will say, I did feel that the ending was a bit flat and somewhat unsatisfying, but not terrible. I was not expecting or wanting a tidy, happy ending, that would have been even more disappointing, but I felt the ending could have been developed a bit better. Gillian has said in interviews that she never knows the ending until she gets to the ending. That could have something to do with some people’s feeling left kind of dropped at the end. But that does not take away from my love of the book, or any of her books. Overall, her work is compelling and clever. I will run out and read her next one as soon as it comes out. What are your thoughts on it being made into a movie? Who do you see playing the main characters? My favorite book of hers was Sharp Objects. Have you read it? What did you think? Ilene


    • She doesn’t know the ending until she gets there???? Wow! That’s crazy, because I would think she’d HAVE to know the ending to Gone Girl to be able to write it!

      I have Dark Spaces or Places or whatever it’s called, and need to read it, but I did recently read Sharp Objects (having found it for $1 at a used book store; I literally went up to the cashier and asked if it was marked incorrectly). I liked it, but Gone Girl had so much more of an impact on me!!!! While reading it, since I already knew I’d be going through some twists and turns, I was right, then I was wrong, then I was right about some things and wrong about others. Gone Girl just stays with me, as a compelling book that I remember in detail. I reviewed Sharp Objects, in case you wanted to see more of my thoughts there (http://loveatfirstbook.com/2012/12/10/sharp-objects-by-gillian-flynn-book-49/).

      And Ilene, I love these conversations together! Great book chatting! 🙂



  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I just was reading your opinion because the edithors of this book in Spain have contacted with me to ask me if I want a copy for reviewing it.
    After your review I only can say “yes” 😉

    Could I send you emails while reading? I see is a thing I should do 😀


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