30 Day Book Challenge – Days 22-30

This is the last in my series of the 30 day book challenge!

Day 22: Favorite series – I love love love the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games series.  But I’m going to choose a series that I recently discovered. . . The Series of Unfortunate Events series!  They are young adult books, but they are hilarious!  I think this series is just amazing, and while I didn’t read it when I was younger, they are such great reads even now!  The kids are so smart and the adults are clueless.  Plus, throughout the books, the author/narrator (who is fake himself) is telling the story of his lost love, and the pieces from each novel start to fit together as you read the entire series.  I took a break for a while but look forward to finishing the series in January.

Day 23:  Favorite romance novel – Ugh, I do not read romance.  But I read a novel recently where the romance was a little more unconventional but it made the book amazing!!!!!!  The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.  It’s a must read btw (I actually yelled at you to read it in my review post because it was such a good book).

Day 24: The most overhyped book you have ever read – Easy!  Eat, Pray, Love.  Decent book, but why was it so popular?  It’s not that great!  

Day 25: A book you wish was real life – A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron.  Those books get right into the mind of the main character dog, and I just wish that I could know what my dog Tilly is thinking!!!  I think about this book and some of the comments all the time.  Like, can Tilly really feel the love radiating from me?  Does she really think I just happened to forget about her when I don’t give her some of my food?  I look at Tilly and always think of those books because I want to believe that W. Bruce Cameron knows what he’s talking about!

Day 26: A book you have meant to read but never got around to – I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and am dying to get my hands on his Raven Stole the Moon!  I look for it when I’m at the library usually, but I just need to suck it up and reserve the book or buy it!

Day 27: A book you would write if you had all the resources – Most of you don’t know this, but I’m super obsessed with jails, jail shows, that kind of thing.  I watch Locked Up Abroad on Nat Geo and MSNBC’s Lockup like it’s my job.  So if I could have all the resources, I’d write a book about a jail and the stories of some of the inmates.

Day 28: A book you wish you never read – Another easy one!  Fifty Shades of Grey books 1 and 2.  I was “tricked” into reading 1, and then thought, well, the second HAS to have more of a story line than the first.  Nope!  I was wrong.  Can I please get those precious hours of my life back????

Day 29: An author that you completely avoid/won’t read – Basically anyone who writes cheesy romance novels where the main character is a sappy wimp who needs a man to be complete.  Blech!

Day 30: An author that you will read whatever they put out – J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Adriana Trigiani, Mitch Albom

Adriana Trigiani

Your turn!  Pick a question or two to answer!

Thanks for reading,


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20 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – Days 22-30

      • Well, I agree: he is not perfect but his defects are very litte 😉
        You have to take the good part into acount: his money, how attractive and charming he is, how much he cares about his girl, his moneyyyyyy… ahhhh.
        I must confess I only read the first book; I didn’t find any literary quality… but I liked Christian!


    • I have to disagree. I loved how the characters grew throughout the three books. Christian grew so much from the beginning. We find out what made him that way and we see how she fixes him. I just thought that these books were deeper than they appeared. Also, I agree, the movie spoiled the book of My Sister’s Keeper. The first 2 adult books I read, at age 14, was Carrie and Valley of the Dolls. Loved both of them and have reread them a few times.


      • Also, I’ll read anything by Cecelia Ahern. She wrote P.S I love you, A Place Called Here. She has a very different perspective in her style of writing. I just love her.


  1. The Song of Achilles was AMAZING wasn’t it? I loved that book with all my heart 🙂 I have never read the Unfortunate series but even just the quotes I’ve seen from those books make me laugh..I should maybe buy the series for my nephews and then sneak a peek or two 😉


    • You should read it! My sister had a bunch and I picked them up within the past year and fell in love. I purchased the rest of the series, now I just have to read the rest. They are hilarious, and honestly, as an adult, I find more of the quirky moments funny that I woud never have understood as a 10 year old reading the books.


  2. Haha I’m so with you about Eat, Pray, Love! (I actually feel like I may have ranted about that book before on your blog.)

    Yay for not reading romance novels! I’m not even a huge fan of much romance in my regular novels, for someone reason. It just gives me the *blech*-es. I DID like The Time Traveler’s Wife, though.

    I need to read The Song of Achilles! I keep seeing these great reviews of it, and it sounds so good!


    • I guess some of the books I have read have little bits of romance in them. I liked The Time Traveler’s Wife but didn’t love it. I just think of romance more as those cheesy, blech books with so little story. Something like The Time Traveler’s Wife has a love story tie-in, but there was a decent plot line within it as well. It focused on the lives, with some love involved too.


  3. Hmm. Interesting. I have finished a 30-day challenge last October though it wasn’t about book. Perhaps I can try this one next year. I liked the plot of Fifty Shades, too though I admit that those repeating lines like “don’t bite your lip” and stupid comments like “oh my” made me want to puke on the book. Still, I loved the story.

    The Song of Achilles is in my TBR, too though I don’t have a copy of that yet. As for authors, I would also read anything made by Mitch Albom. Though as for JK, I am not so sure. I told you about Casual Vacancy, and I would try to continue reading it again.


    • You made a good point about JK through all of our Casual Vacancy conversations on a few posts now, but since I enjoyed the book but didn’t love it, if she continued to publish books that I felt the same about (good but not great) then there would be a point where I’d stop.

      But Albom, I mean, he’s awesome!

      And with the 30 Day Book Challenge, I found this one on Facebook and then altered a couple of the questions that I wasn’t a fan of. It’d be great for you to do at some point, too! It’s a nice way to remember books that you haven’t thought about in a while. A few times, I had to call my mom and ask her for suggestions since it’s hard to think of a book for some of the categories!


      • Yes, I agree with you. If the author offers the same so-so thing in all her succeeding books, then I will stop buying and reading her novels, too. I have heard something though I am not sure if it is just a rumor, but Casual Vacancy will appear as a series – in contrast with HP which hit the film industry.

        I use facebook rarely, and perhaps I will just try to scout for other book challenges and combine them all for mine.

        You are correct. Sometimes it is nice to visit books I have read long ago; it seems like I am visiting an old friend. But I don’t call my mom though. She doesn’t like reading. You are lucky yours do.


        • If that’s true, I would not read the CV as a series. I didn’t love the book enough to do so.

          Well I hope you have a friend or someone you love to chat books with! My parents brought me up with them reading consistently, and I did the same. My younger sister started reading when she was a little bit older, like middle/high school, but i turn to my mom, my sister, and one of my best friends. Those three women can tell me to read anything and I will no questions asked!


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