The Hot Zone by Richard Preston – Book 44

I was going to pick up The Hot Zone by Richard Preston on Thanksgiving, but then thought better of it when I realized it was about the Ebola virus.  Ebola virus and handling raw turkey and tons of food. . . probably not a good idea.

So after Thanksgiving, I picked up The Hot Zone, and flew through this book.  This true story is part history of the Ebola virus, and part horror story about its outbreak in Africa and, in the 1990s, near Washington, D.C.

The Ebola virus is a “hot” virus, meaning that it spreads like crazy with victims having little chance of getting better after being infected. Ebola is transferred through minuscule amounts of blood and possibly through the air.  Up to 90% of people infected with Ebola will die within a very short period of time, and die a very gruesome death.

This book was not gory (except in one or two quick parts), but the Ebola virus sure is!  The virus can cause humans to “bleed out” of every opening in their bodies, turning their insides to mush.

The Hot Zone is a fantastic book about the outbreak of the Ebola virus, a supremely deadly virus without a cure or vaccination.  But it sure makes me want to wash my hands a lot!!!!

Have you read any good health or virus books?



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