A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron – Book 46

Break out the tissues again, dog lovers!  A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron was such a good book!  This sequel to the amazing A Dog’s Purpose, was just as good as the first!

Both of these books provide an inside view of a dog’s brain, with funny tidbits of the dog trying to rationalize the things humans do.

For instance. . .

  • Why do people have this “obsession” with picking up dog waste if we’re only going to throw it into a can, and not even take it with us on a walk?
  • When an owner is named Annie, the same name as the main dog’s sister, he believes that people love dogs so much that we name people these dog names.

This book focuses on the dog’s journey with a special girl, Clarity (or CJ, as she gets older).  CJ has some personal and family issues, and the dog knows that his main purpose is to help her with these problems.  Will he be successful?

And the major question: Will he stop being reincarnated and eventually fulfill his purpose as a dog?

A Dog’s Journey is moving, sad, inspirational, and makes me want to spoil my dog rotten!  If you are a dog lover, these two books, A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey, are for you!

Want to hear more? Check out the beginning of the audiobook here!  Thanks to Macmillan Audio for that clip!

What is the cutest thing your pet has ever done?


8 thoughts on “A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron – Book 46

  1. I love this idea, and it must be quite hard to get to a place where it sounds convincing because we’re always going to have this view of animals that could be completely wrong. I used to love it when my cat would walk over to me and flop down on my feet, I’ve not come across any cat that does it, or at least not in the same way, and it was a weird (but memorable) sort of affection because he was otherwise rather proud and arrogant.


    • I agree that it’s tough to get inside the mind of a dog, but W. Bruce Cameron really does it well! I don’t find myself second guessing what he decided the dog was thinking very often. Mainly I wonder (and wish) that he was telling the truth so that I could have similar thoughts emanating from my pup!

      BTW, that sounds like an affectionate cat action for sure! Sometimes Tilly will do that with me or my husband when we’re cooking dinner, but we aren’t quite sure if it was because of how much she loves us or if it’s because she’s waiting for food to drop! 🙂


  2. I love dogs & cats! I had lots of them when I was a small child. I wish I can get one but my little siblings would probably kill them -___-

    The book cover looks so CUTE!!! It also sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I just might hunt it & read it. Hopefully. Good post!


  3. Your pooch is pretty darn cute 😉 I’m not a huge dog lover..more of a cat girl but these books both sound good. I think my daughter would REALLY love them.


  4. Rebecca your really on point with both these books. They were recommended to be by a fellow teacher and friend. She is also an animal lover. I wish we all really count tell what our four-legged friends feel. I was very touched and moved by both books and used many tissues throughout reading them. I have recommended them to others.


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