Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood – Book 52

When I picked it up, I had no idea that Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood was a book of short stories.  I’m usually not a short story fan overall, but was excited to read Atwood’s take, since I’m a big fan of her.

I’m still working on my Margaret Atwood Challenge, reading one of her novels per month, basically in order of publication, so this is my December book.

While a few of the stories in Dancing Girls had endings that left me stumped, I still enjoyed reading them. But for the most part, they kept me very entertained.

For instance, The War in the Bathroom was told over the course of a week, where a woman feels like her living space is being invaded daily by an elderly man whose bathroom habits can be clearly heard from her room.

Then in The Man from Mars, a strange little foreign man begins to stalk Christine. . .

Rape Fantasies has a dark name, but is a witty story about one woman’s ridiculous rape fantasies that somehow turn into love.

Atwood’s Dancing Girls has a common theme of obsession with a hint of crazy that touches almost every story in the collection.  And of course, you know I’m loving the obsessive/crazy theme with my psychological thriller kick!

If you enjoy Margaret Atwood or enjoy reading short stories, these are some great ones to get into!

Speaking of obsession, what is something you are a little obsessed with?


9 thoughts on “Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood – Book 52

  1. I usually don’t like short stories, but i’ve discovered that short stories books are great when you are learning a new language, so no I read a lot of them in English and I like it.
    I have to try with these ones by Margaret Atwood too!
    About obsessions, I don’t feel like having one, but perhaps my boyfriend can say to you I’m obsessed with the cleaning stuff, the housework in general 😉 (why can’t he shave the day BEFORE I clean the bathroon instead of the day after????) 😛


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