The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – Book 57

I don’t usually get all, “wow, the writing in that story was just so beautiful.”  I usually enjoy a book for the amazing story and that’s pretty much it, leaving the fancy schmancy stuff to other reviewers.

But The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern really was written beautifully.  The book held some notes of Shakespeare and Roald Dahl.  The imagery was amazing and I would do anything to visit the circus of dreams!

The Night Circus was a story that made me slow down to enjoy the writing, and it kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat all at the same time.

The black and white themed circus appears randomly and without notice, staying open from dusk til dawn.  Circus goers can wander from tent to tent, always experiencing performances or tents where out of the ordinary occurrences are happening.

At the same time, Celia and Marco are bound in a challenge that is taking place among the circus.  What are the rules to this challenge?  When will it ever end?  And will the circus survive the ending?

Some of my favorite quotes from the story. . .

  • “Some things are not for you to see” – Celia speaking of some of the mysteries surrounding the circus
  • “The finest pleasures are always the unexpected ones” – Tsukiko the contortionist
  • “The circus arrives without warning”

What’s your favorite circus activity/performance/food?



44 thoughts on “The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – Book 57

  1. I got this books some months ago from the edithors (in Spanish) and I still haven’t read it!
    I have read really good reviews, like yours, telling the special writing and story the novel contains. I have to read it!


  2. I thought the plot of this book was a little thin, but the descriptions of the circus were AMAZING. Morgenstern has a beautiful imagination. I could have read an entire book just about the different tents at the circus. I’m really looking forward to reading more of her books (I hope she writes more!).


    • Um. . . her Twitter says kitten wrangler, so I’m guessing that was part of the inspiration for the twins’ act!

      I do agree that the plot was maybe not the strongest, but I don’t think it was as necessary if you were able to get caught up with the beautiful writing.

      And yes, I was like DYING to know what was in all of the tents! And I would also be that totally insane person who was upset about not being able to figure out how to see all of them! I’m too much of a planner and too organized to be able to lah-dee-dah wander through the circus to see what I find. I want to see it ALL!


  3. I loved the mix of fantasy and reality in this book, it was a lot more reality-based than I’d thought, but the fantasy aspect was so strong and, as you suggest, well-written.


    • And I’m usually not a fan of the magic type of stuff, but I think that the way it was written seemed very grounded and, I guess, a more realistic way to have magic.

      Like they couldn’t just do anything they wanted, there were still guidelines and errors and so on.


  4. Hi Rebecca! Stopping by from SIITS girls! Great review! I think I may finally read this book after having had downloaded it 2 years ago!
    Great blog! Good to know there is a place to come by and look at honest book reviews 🙂


    • It’s so good! I hope you enjoy reading it. And Mila, my reviews are always honest. I try to find good in every book I read, whether I love it or not, but I’m not afraid to state my opinion, even when it’s unpopular (like when I wasn’t too happy with Pride & Prejudice. . .you would have thought I advocated puppy murder with the amount of comments I received telling me I was wrong!) 😀


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