Meeting The Book Wheel

So, on Friday, I did that whole crazy thing of actually meeting someone from the internet.

Let me start from the beginning. . . (which sounds like this will be a long story, but it’s not, I promise!)

Allison from The Book Wheel won the Liebster Award the other day.  While reading her post, I noticed we had a lot of similarities, like both of us have rescue dogs.  Allison’s from Gainesville and is a Gator, and I said I was a Seminole, and we figured out that she went to FSU for a year a few years before me, and then she moved to Boston.

Coincidentally, Boston is my next move for mid Jan-March, but when I asked Allison about it, she had just, last week, moved to Denver!

I mean, come on, that’s a crazy coincidence considering I’m in Denver until mid January.

We became Facebook friends and realized that while we don’t have mutual friends, we have mutual mutual friends.  This was extremely helpful in convincing myself (and my husband) that Allison wasn’t some 40-year-old man or a catfish.

Allison and I met up in downtown Denver and spent a couple hours chatting over coffee (so long, in fact, that we totally forgot to eat lunch).  We spent the rest of the day wandering around, checking out the Denver Public Library and some of the downtown area.


The Book Wheel & Love at First Book

Meeting up with Allison was awesome because not only does she enjoy reading the same books I like, but she also understands the blogging world.

Another great thing about meeting Allison from The Book Wheel was that I liked her as a person, and made a good friend in real life.

Want to hear Allison’s take?  Click here!

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23 thoughts on “Meeting The Book Wheel

  1. What great luck to be in the same city for a few more weeks! I’ve had a few opportunities to meet people I’ve met online. I understand the safety concern but every one of my meetups has been terrific.


  2. Great!!
    It’s wonderful to find people you think you can be friends and discover that, indeed, you can be friends!
    I have been blogging for 4 years and 2 years ago I went to Madrid to meet some of the bloggers: a lot of people from other cities travelled to Madrid and we spent the whole day together; it was wonderful and I made a lot of friends (I consider them my friends).
    We are thinking of doing it again this year 🙂
    So what a luck Allison wasn’t a man!! heheeee
    I also thought about “the danger” that kind of things have, but well, I think as an adult, you can really search for a little bit of information and find out if it’s a liar or not (I want to believe that).


    • Isi,

      One of the things we did was meet in a public place and become Facebook friends. Some people do put fake info out there but it’s harder when you have hundreds of FB friends (with some mutual mutual friends too) to fake it.

      It’s nice because now Allison and I are REAL friends as well as blog friends!

      That’s so great that you went to Madrid to meet people! How fun and how lucky!!!


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  4. Wow! This is cool. Now, if I only live near your place… haha! I hope you and Devin will try vacationing here in the Philippines. We can also grab for a meet and greet with some tea 🙂


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