365 Project: Days 1-6

After discovering the wonders of the 365 Project, I decided to start my own.  Since the pictures will try to focus on text, I figured it would work well with my blog concept.

So here’s the beginning of my 365 Project, days 1-6, starting January 1, 2013!

Day 1 – Spending the first day of 2013 with my favorite people and an FSU football game!

Day 2 – Allison from The Book Wheel and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park and it was beautiful! Sunny and tons of elk today!

Day 3 – How I spent the majority of the day: doing my bloggy blog stuff!

Day 4 – Mean Girl style making up a new word. But instead of being like Gretchen and and making fetch a word for cool, I’ll stick with a bloggy adjective.


Day 5 – Up early in the chilly morning with a blanket and my Nana’s 5 year diary from 1933-1937. What a great read!

Day 6 – Spent the day with my husband, Allison at The Book Wheel, and her husband Jack at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center enjoying the wolves. . . and howling with them, too!
And who is that lovely wolf? Only the nephew of a wolf from the 2nd Twilight movie!


What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,


23 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 1-6

    • Thanks! 🙂 I found it on other people’s blogs in July and after, so I wanted to start one myself! I was patient and waited until January 1, which was tough to do, but worth it for me. But you could start any time during the year if you wanted!


  1. A five year diary from the 30s. wow! Looks like you had a brilliant week, and good weather too. I spent a lot of time working on my blog but also packing in last minute Christmasy things.


    • It’s so interesting to read! I should probably backtrack to find out her age when she wrote it.

      And I definitely took the idea from other blogs who did a 365 project, and then tried to patiently wait to start one for myself Jan 1! 🙂


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