Probably the most un-PC book I’ve read in a long time – Book 61

While I was suffering through Pride and Prejudice (review coming soon but take a guess at my opinion), I knew I needed to be reading another book, some sort of nonfiction that would boost my mood.

I picked Tucker Max’s Assholes Finish First, his sequel to I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

Haven’t heard of the infamous Tucker Max?  Check out his website and read a story or two before going out to purchase this book.

Because he’s a complete jerk.  The book, as well as his first and his website, all contain stories about the girls he has slept with (some favorable, some not-so-much) and all of the exploits he has gotten into while completely drunk.

Looking for a feel-good story?  This isn’t it.  It’s degrading and disgusting and VERY explicit.

But it’s also hilarious.  That is, if you can take his horrifically mean humor.

Seriously though, if this interests you at all, go read a few of the stories on his website before making any other moves to read the book.  And many of the ones online are also included in his first book.

So? Did you check any of the stories out? What do you think?


25 thoughts on “Probably the most un-PC book I’ve read in a long time – Book 61

  1. Oh dear….you didn’t like P&P. Did you watch the movies first. If you get one of the good versions they can help with the reading. BBC has a great one with Colin Firth in it. As youc an tell I’m a huge P&P fan. 🙂 I won’t be offended if you don’t like it. 🙂


    • I hate to say it, but I didn’t like P&P either. BUT, it may be b/c I HAD to read it for school. That was many years ago. I am the type of person who cannot stand reading a book I have been told I HAVE to read. It doesn’t matter what book it is! Being made to read a book makes reading it completely unbearable! I may try it again someday, but I am in no hurry. But P&P is my best friend’s favorite book of all time. 🙂


    • I haven’t seen any of the movies. I know that it’s a classic that many people love, but I think that romance type novels (and movies) are just not my thing. Although I have heard great things about the movie(s)!


      • I’m not big on Romance movies or books either…but for this I make an exception. 🙂 You should give it a try some time. I do understand knstantly not liking something someone made you read. My mom, homeschooled here, overcame that by telling me I had to read an author and then let me pick the book I wanted. It made it a little easier. 🙂


  2. I’ve seen these books but haven’t read them. If I was able to get through 50 Shades, I might ne able to survive this jackass who isn’t pretending to be a real writer. I LOVE your book selections! Even the rare trash;-)


  3. Okay so I checked out some of his stories… and yeah, not my kind of funny. Which is weird, because I totally have a mean sense of humor. Maybe I’m just getting a bit prude-ish in my old age. Guy is a douchebag. I think I can see why his humor books would be popular among guys though.

    Thanks for getting me to at least check out his website though. At least I know I’ll never foolishly buy one of his books, lol.


    • Exactly my point! He’s totally a jerk, and I’ve become more of a prude with age, but for some reason his stories are a little vice of mine. I would NEVER want to meet him, be his friend, etc. He’s a horrible person, and I’m all about helping people and being nice to people. I just find him funny and of course, shocking.

      But I’m so glad you checked out his stories online so that you know to never purchase or borrow or anything one of his books!


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