Y by Marjorie Celona – Book 63

The lovely Jennifer over at The Relentless Reader and I did a little book trade.  I sent her The Round House by Louise Erdrich, and she sent me Y by Marjorie Celona.

I was excited about this book for two reasons:

  • Reason 1: I need a book that starts with a Y for my A-Z Book Challenge, so this satisfies that criteria.
  • Reason 2: Jennifer made the book sound really good so I wanted to read it anyway! Here’s Jennifer’s review of Y.

Y is a book about Shannon, a girl who was left by her mother in front of the YMCA on the day she was born.  While under the age of five, Shannon proceeds through multiple foster homes, many of which are not so pleasant, some where she’s abused, until she finds a healthy home with Miranda and her daughter.

But Shannon just isn’t dealing with life all that well.  She feels lost, broken, and has no idea who she is.  Will a convoluted search for her mother and father yield any results?  And if so, will they make Shannon a happier person?

I definitely enjoyed reading Y.  I think that Marjorie Celona did a great job with making Shannon seem like a realistic example of a troubled, adopted child.

At the same time, most alternating chapters are relaying what was going on with Shannon’s parents, Yula and Harrison, so we get a well-rounded view of the entire story.  Shannon actually is telling the parts about Yula and Harrison to the reader, which is a unique take and makes the reading interesting.

I think Y was a great novel, one that had depth but was easy to comprehend.  It also explored how family can be more than just those related to you by blood, it can be found in those around you who care.

Now the book will do some more traveling, over to my friend Allison at The Book Wheel!

Do you have any books that have done any traveling like this recently?



17 thoughts on “Y by Marjorie Celona – Book 63

  1. Sounds like a good story, indeed. I didn’t know the book, of course.
    I have some books to exchange, but not as a book tour, just for getting another book for them, because I didn’t like them, or because I have two copies.
    Hope The book wheel like the story too!


    • I just gave it to her the other day, so she’ll have to add it to her list. The Relentless Reader and I exchanged for fun, and then I passed it on to The Book Wheel since I thought she’d like it and I finished it in time to give it to her.


  2. I’m so glad you liked this Rebecca! 🙂 Wanna hear something crazy? I received another copy in the mail recently! I should do a giveaway or something hmm?

    PS. Love exchanging books with you!


  3. This book sounds so good! I’ve never hear of it, but I’m glad I did now – its definitely something I’d love to read. So glad you posted on it! By the by, I love that you and Jennifer pass on books to each other- how awesome! I love the idea of sharing great books that way 🙂 Let me know if there are ever any books of mine that you’d want to read.


    • I hope you enjoy it!!!! I did and so did Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader, so hopefully that means something! Also, I’m pretty sure it’s Indiebound’s book of the month or something like that. I’ve seen pamphlets about it in bookstores.


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