365 Project: Days 21-27

Day 21 – How I spent my day after unpacking: Spending time with Tilly and reading!

Day 22 – Trying to figure out what book we should read for March!!! Vote on FB if you want!!!

Day 23 – Warming her up after a bath. She hates the bath but loves the feeling afterwards!

Day 24 – Prepping for a bridal shower I’m helping to plan!!!!

Day 25 – Tilly wants to read on my e-reader but doesn’t have the ability to turn it on (or read).

Day 26 – Unicorn: The amazing art on our way to the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston.

Day 27 – Having a drink at the Good Will Hunting bar (L Street Tavern) after a great day exploring Boston with Shannon and Mike!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,


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22 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 21-27

    • She can be really funny sometimes, like hates getting a bath. Won’t give me a kiss or anything because she’s mad at me. But then she’s out of the bath and it’s like she’s the most excited thing ever! Running all around the house and so happy and full of love. But not in the bath! It’s pretty funny.


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