Fight Song by Joshua Mohr

I’m participating in the TNBBC book tour for Joshua Mohr‘s new novel, Fight Song, (my 75th book!!!!).

Check out The Fight Song Blog Tour on TNBBC to see all of the other fabulous stops on the tour!

fight song tour

Being part of the book tour also allowed me to communicate with the author, Joshua, about his own quest for happiness.

Here’s Joshua’s take on his quest:

My new novel “Fight Song” is a midlife crisis narrative.  We meet Bob Coffen, slathered in stagnation.  Nothing is ostensibly wrong in his life.  He has a wife.  He has two kids.  He has a lucrative job.  The problem stems from Bob himself.  He’s stopped trying and thus, feels no passion, no inspiration.  He surveys his life and sees no joy, just responsibility and ennui.

This is an age old dilemma and the book starts off with Bob being rammed from his bicycle, rammed from his complacency.  What follows is a madcap romp of Coffen rediscovering his happiness.

I felt compelled to write this book as a cautionary tale for myself.  I’m approaching forty, and I really want to evade the pit that Bob has allowed himself to sink into.

So in that spirit, here are some goals I have to keep living my life to the fullest, as an artist, a husband, and a student of the world:

  1. Art Art Art: Living a life that’s rich in art, seeing other people’s self-expressions are great ways to stay fully engaged and thinking critically about the world around us.  And maybe we learn about empathy, if we look through a character’s eyeballs who challenges our world beliefs.  Couldn’t our world use more empathy?
  2. More tattoos: Both my arms are covered in tattoos and now it’s time to start working on my chest.  Almost all of my tattoos have to do with my books.  I’m telling my literary memoir with each new piece of ink.
  3. Be a giving teacher: I’m a professor in the MFA program at the University of San Francisco, and I absolutely love teaching.  Being privy to the round table discussions, hearing what other working writers are struggling with keeps me always thinking ahead in my own work, making sure I’m challenging myself.
  4. Be a better parent than my own: I grew up in a lot of chaos.  My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I want to make sure she/he grows up in a stable environment.

Thanks for reading all these.  If this inspires you to construct a list of your own, feel free to email it to me.  I like emails and I look forward to reading yours.  Email:


Check out this trailer/”infomercial” for Fight Song!

Thank you to Lori @ TNBBC and Joshua Mohr for this opportunity and a copy of the Fight Song!

Thanks for reading,



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