Wombat Sushi by Rhonda Louise – Book 77

I went on a trip to Atlanta recently, and I like to take my Kindle with me on trips because I have like 3,000 books on there and it weighs so little.  But I had to fly to get to my destination, so of course I needed reading material for the take off and landing.

I took Wombat Sushi by Rhonda Louise as that reading material.  But once I started reading during the take off, I never did end up switching to my Kindle.  I read half of the book on my trip there, and the other half on my return trip.

Want to know why?  Because Rhonda Louise is funny.  And Wombat Sushi is a light read with tons of humor and wit.  I’m sure if you know anything about Australian wit, which I don’t, you’d probably enjoy it even more than I did.

Seriously, Daria, give it a chance! It’s funny!

Basically, there are six Australian dancers (dancers, not strippers) and a singer who are all sent over to Japan to dance at a club.  Of course nothing goes right, no one gets along, and they end up in the craziest (and I mean the CRAZIEST) of situations.

Wombat Sushi is a hilarious light read.  But don’t take just my word for it.  Here’s a quote from the website that gives the book props: “A hilarious debut novel from Rhonda Louise. I really think you should buy it” – Rhonda Louise​.  Me too, Rhonda Louise, me too.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

What’s your go-to take off/landing reading material?



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