Egyptian Gothic by Ahmed Khalifa – Book 83

Egyptian Gothic by Ahmed Khalifa is a book of short stories that take place in Egypt.

I actually enjoyed the first short story, where Adam works for an advertising company, but is a writer at heart.  When he finds a box outside of his home with part of a manuscript inside, it sends him on a path to solve the mystery.  This story actually reminded me a little of Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind.

And the other stories, while I enjoyed the storyline, had some issues that I had a hard time getting past.

In one of the stories a police office, a lieutenant, says “Whatever,” and maybe it’s not meant to be in the Clueless “whatever” voice, but that’s how I imagined it.

Then in the same story, there was a glove found as evidence at a crime scene.  And the lieutenant and the private investigator TOUCHED IT with their BARE HANDS!  I am not the biggest crime show watcher, but even I know that if they touch it with their bare hands, that can be tampering with the evidence!

I was shocked, too, Kevin.

The story lines were good, the plot was good in each story.  But the over-explaining of some aspects and the other little issues I mentioned just made it a more difficult read for me.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

But I’m glad that I’m working more on the short story books because that’s one of my goals as to becoming a better reader!



8 thoughts on “Egyptian Gothic by Ahmed Khalifa – Book 83

  1. I have such a hard time enjoying short stories. Sometimes it works for me if they’re all connected in some way, but usually I just feel disconnected, like I never got the chance to grow attached to any of the characters. It’s a shame b/c so many covers have caught my eye lately, but then I see that it’s short stories and I end up putting it back on the shelf.


  2. Eek, yes, tampering with evidence, that wouldn’t happen nowadays, surely. Good that it was a good book overall, though, and that you’re finding success with you goal 🙂


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