In the Woods: Week 3 Ch 13-19

Book Club: In the Woods by Tana French – Week 3

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Welcome to Week 3: March 17-23 Ch 13-19

Now it’s really getting good!!!

If you’re here, you have read Ch 13-19 of In the Woods, or are currently reading it!

Please go ahead and start (or continue) the conversation!  Remember to come back to continue to respond to others who comment throughout the week (and month)!  Write as much or as little as you please, and don’t forget to link your own blog if you have one!

Only post about 1-19, please!  Spoilers totally allowed for the book up to those chapters, but no spoilers for the remainder of the book, please!  Save those for the last post.

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Rebecca and Allison


87 thoughts on “In the Woods: Week 3 Ch 13-19

  1. I finished the book last night so I have only one week to finish Sarahs Key for my in person book club group. It took me longer to get through In The Woods than I thought it would but overall enjoyed the book. It definitely is starting to pick up. I look forward to seeing whateveryone thinks when they are done! so what’s in store for next month? Hope you all continue the book club!


  2. FINALLY this book is beginning to pick up. I am much more excited to read this last upcoming section than I have been any of the previous one simply because things are starting to come together. To be honest, though, I still have no idea what the motive is for Katy’s killing, and if there isn’t a link between the two murders than I am going to be frustrated simply because that particular storyline was a waste of my time and not the best approach. But we shall see.

    I said in last week’s post that I really hope that Cassie and Adam/Rob don’t get together and THEY DID, which is so frustrating and creepy because of all of the comments about Cassie’s childish and familial qualities.


  3. OK now we’re cooking!

    I’m glad to see all the plot threads picking up the pace (the old murder, the new murder, and the land use/motorway deal), but now I’m wondering if there’s any link between them or if that was just meant to confuse us. Adam/Rob’s night in the wood was intense but stopped short of revealing the murderer, which was frustrating — is that one going to be solved or not? And like Allison, I was really annoyed that Adam/Rob and Cassie got together — not surprisingly it’s really messed up their relationship.

    But I’m really eager now to push through to the end of the book so I think I will do so!


  4. What a perfect spot to end this section’s reading. Wow! I’m really getting excited now! Of course, I am now thinking that one of the people who had the key is the murderer. But is that too simple, or does the author have a twist coming? Hmmm…

    I’m not to sure what to make of Cassie explaining her relationship with the psychopath. Maybe it was to make us think that Rob/Adam is not a psychopath because Cassie would recognize it if he was. Maybe it was just to explain why Cassie never graduated from the University. For some reason the fact that she didn’t keeps coming up. Or maybe it’s for some other reason or for no reason at all.

    Like Allison and Laura, I am not happy that Rob and Cassie hooked up. The sad thing is that if Rob wasn’t so screwed up, they might have a chance at a lasting relationship. Yes, one of them would probably have to change jobs or departments, but that would be doable. Rob’s mental health, however, is not something they could easily overcome if at all. He obviously doesn’t think he’s good enough for anyone, even for the murderer who took Peter and Jamie. He says so at the end of Chapter 18. “Sometimes I think about the sly, flickering line that separates being spared from being rejected. Sometimes I think of the ancient gods who demanded that their sacrifices be fearless and without blemish, and I wonder whether, whoever or whatever took Peter and Jamie away, it decided I wasn’t good enough.” How sad for Rob.

    And still, I have to say, what’s up with Rosalind? Her meeting with Rob at his request was SO creepy! I understand, especially at her age, how she could be attracted to him, but it’s beyond that to me. It seems to me to be a very unhealthy attraction.


  5. Yes, I finally got going and can’t wait now to find out more. Not sure what chapter I am on because I can’t follow the chapters on the kindle version I have. 😉

    I am not liking Rob very much at the moment. Think he will redeem himself? I found Cassie’s story about the ‘psychopath’ to be a little off. Not sure what to make of it. What exactly does it add to the story?

    Obviously I have more questions than answers right now.


  6. Now I’m thinking I might be wrong with my previous thoughts. I’m not surprised about the whole Rob sleeping with Cassie thing, but I am kind of surprised about him blowing her off afterwards so much. What makes him think he’s so amazing that she can’t stand to be without him?

    But he eventually had that good insight about how Cassie’s attitude, loss of weight, etc, was probably due more to the fact that she lost Rob as a friend, not the whole lover thing.

    I’m enjoying the book more because things are starting to get going a little. I think the book itself is just a slower paced book, which is what’s throwing some of us off.

    I actually really like Sam. He’s very noble, and he wants to do what’s right, even if it is tough. I don’t know what he actually will end up doing, though! Time will tell!


  7. I wasn’t surprised that Cassie and Adam/Rob ended up sleeping together, I almost anticipated it. However I’m extremely annoyed with him for acting the way he did afterwards. Just blowing her off without giving an explanation why. He was also way too arrogant to read too much into what Rosalind said. Lightbulb moment for him when he actually realise that maybe its because she lost him as a friend, not because she is in love with him or because he rejected her. What a …

    I’m reallly enjoying the book, its starting to pick up pace. Not sure where I am, but I’m somewhere in week 4’s scope and I don’t particularly remember where I was suppose to end (it’s difficult to go back to chapters because of the kindle version I am using), but I now know who the killer is. However I don’t know what the motive is yet, I have my speculations. I think Rosalind is involved or she knows who is! That’s the only thing I can speculate about now. I’m also not so sure about Margaret and Jonathan!


  8. I don’t remember where the author mentions this, but twice she reminds the reader of the fact that children view the world differently than us. Cassie tells us about the marbles, and the locket comes up later. I think that it is interesting cause I’m thinking this could be really important to understanding this story.


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