Weekday Read-a-thon: April 24th

Weekday Read-a-thon Coming Soon!


Allison @ The Book Wheel and I are hosting a Weekday Read-a-thon on April 24th.

Most read-a-thons are on the weekends, which is always fabulous but doesn’t work for everyone.  Allison and I decided to try out a Weekday Read-a-thon.

You’re busy on weekdays?  No problem! Just read when you can: a little at lunch, after work, before bed.  And join in the fun!

There will be Twitter check-ins as well as some fabulous giveaways!

Get excited!

Mark your calendars for April 24th!  More information coming soon.

Thanks for reading,



25 thoughts on “Weekday Read-a-thon: April 24th

  1. AWESOME idea! I always work weekends, so even though I join in the Dewey’s readathon, it means either being reaaaalllly tired for work or missing out a lot. Can’t wait for your weekday readathon!


  2. I’m so excited for this! I don’t often participate in read-a-thons because I’m always working or visiting with the long-distance boyfriend on weekends, so a weekday read-a-thon sounds awesome!


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