365 Project: Days 77-83

Day 77 – My bed @ Stephanie’s! A pull-out couch!

Day 78 – My plane! Heading back to VA!

Day 79 – She’s just too cute! I love the way the light is hitting her.

Day 80 – Waiting for the bus after my tutoring job! The bus isn’t bad but I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can enjoy the walk!

Day 81 – Spent the day with my husband and my aunt and uncle at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum!

Day 82 – What I got in the mail today: A fab postcard from Allison @ The Book Wheel and a signed copy of The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow from SheReads and Rita Leganski!

Day 83 – mithsonian Air & Space Museum with my husband and a great Norwegian friend!

Besides all of that, I managed to find plenty of time for Bloggiesta!!!!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,


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7 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 77-83

  1. How was the Smithsonian Natural History Museum? It sounds like so much fun! Actually, these posts always make it look like you lead such a fun, event-filled life, lol! My pictures for a week are usually of my kitty, books, and food, in that order :-p


    • Talk about a HUGE museum! We only did a teensy section of the museum. It’s exhausting. But luckily, it’s free, so we can go back whenever!

      I have to say that while doing this 2 year traveling program with my husband, my life IS a little more eventful than normal! We’ve just been focusing on exploring our area (VA, DC suburb for 6 months) and we enjoy being tourists and getting the most out of our travels. Once we get back to Florida, the pictures will end up being me at the pool, me on the couch, my dog, my book, and back to the pool. 🙂


    • I actually planned my weekend around Bloggiesta and my husband. Friday I was busy but made sure to be back in time for the Twitter chat. Saturday was for Bloggiesta, with a dinner out with friends. Sunday I went to the museum but was home right in time for the Twitter chat! So it was fit in, but it was WELL planned! 😛


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