Finishing The Giver Trilogy – Books 89 & 90

Ok, okay, so I know that The Giver is no longer a trilogy but a quartet. . .

But come on, it WAS a trilogy until Lois Lowry published the fourth book in the series, Son, which of course I need to pick up ASAP.

On to the books. . .

Like The Giver (which BTW is amazing!), Gathering Blue and Messenger both are dystopian YA books, and great sequels.

Gathering Blue is a dystopian society where Kira is revered for her talent, but at what price?  This story reminded me a little bit of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, The Village, although Gathering Blue is more complicated.

Messenger was very moving.  It connected both The Giver and Gathering Blue and had a lot of environmental commentary hidden inside the storyline.  Matty, a child that Kira befriended in Gathering Blue, discovers that he has a power as well, which can be used at a huge cost.  Messenger also touches on immigration, and what I can only assume are Lowry’s thoughts on the U.S. immigration policy.

Now don’t get my wrong, Lowry doesn’t come right out and say anything about the U.S. immigration policy, but through her characters and the situations involved in Messenger, it’s clear that she’s stating her opinion without shoving it down your throat.

Have you read The Giver?  Check out Gathering Blue and Messenger as well.  They were fabulous pieces of a series and also seem to be able to stand alone.

Now let me get my hands on Son. . .

Have you thought about reading the sequels to The Giver?




16 thoughts on “Finishing The Giver Trilogy – Books 89 & 90

  1. My two older kids have all read The Giver (and my youngest will be for homeschool next year) but I honestly can’t remember if *I* have! Hmph. I need to remedy that!


    • I felt the same way before I read The Giver!!! I thought I had read it, but I guess not. Pick it up, and grab the others in the series, too!


    • The series is amazing, so you definitely should pick them up! If Son is as good as the others (and I mean, I’m sure it is since it’s Lois Lowry) then I’ll be happy!


  2. The Giver and Gathering Blue were among my favorite books in middle school, but I haven’t read the two later books. I should really read them sometime, especially since Son is brand new!


  3. I haven’t yet read Son, but I didn’t really think the rest of the series lived up to The Giver. That was a great book! I think if these books weren’t connected to that book then I may have enjoyed them more. I like that you brought up the immigration issue. I noticed that too but haven’t seen that mentioned in a lot of reviews. I don’t know why but political statements in children’s books don’t sit well with me, even if I agree with what is being said. It just doesn’t seem like the right platform to me.


    • Emma,

      I understand what you mean. Sometimes you should leave well enough alone. The Giver was amazing and didn’t need more.

      But I personally enjoyed them a lot. And I think that the political statements would be overlooked by the majority of YA readers. I don’t think they’d notice the commentary because they’d have to take this small event and relate it to what’s going on in the real world. I taught 5th grade for a few years, and I know my students would NEVER have noticed. I don’t know about some of the older kids.

      I know what you’re saying about the platform for political info. I totally get it. I think if you look at it as a way to open discussion, it would be really beneficial in a YA book. Being “locked out” of their town, comparing that to locking people out of the US, it’s pretty powerful. Then there can be a good discussion of whether it’s right.


  4. I loved loved loved the Giver and because of that I hesitated to read the others. You have given me confidence. I shall add them too the list….it’s very long, there are many books out there! Thanks for another good post!


    • I have way too many on my list, too!!! But luckily, I was able to get both of these the same week from my library’s digital library and sped through both of them. I’d love to know your thoughts once you get them!


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