Giveaway!!! $10 to Amazon!

Win a $10 Gift Card to Amazon!

Every other month Love at First Book will randomly select one person to win a $10 Amazon gift card.  Use this to buy a book, e-book, or anything else you would like!

To win, simply enter by subscribing to new posts on the top right hand side of this page, where it says Follow Love at First Book via Email.  

Once you do so, you are automatically entered in all future monthly giveaways (unless you remove yourself from the list).

Winners will be chosen and notified:

  • June 1, 2013
  • August 1, 2013
  • October 1, 2013
  • December 1, 2013

Here are some answers to common questions:

  • How will I know if I won?

    • Winners will be contacted by the email address they use to subscribe on this page.
    • Winners who do not respond within 7 days will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be randomly selected.
  • How do I get my giftcard?

    • It will be sent directly to the email address you use to sign up for the page.
  • How are winners chosen?

    • I will be assigning each entry a number and using a website called to choose the winning number.
  • Can I win more than once?

    • Sure!  It’s a random drawing, and you’re entered each month, so you are eligible to win each month.
  • I know the writer of this blog, Rebecca, personally.  Can I still enter?

    • Yes.  The winning will be chosen at random using, and you are eligible to win whether you have met me or just enjoy my blog.
  • What happens when I enter to win?

    • Entering will sign you up for email notifications for when new blog posts are added.
    • I do not send out marketing emails, daily/weekly summaries or newsletters. So entering to win will not sign you up for any annoying spam or overload your inbox.
  • I live outside of the United States!  Can I enter?

    • As long as I can send an Amazon gift card to your email address, you can enter and be eligible to win!

Good luck! 

Thanks for reading,



22 thoughts on “Giveaway!!! $10 to Amazon!

  1. Gosh, that’s perfect timing – and an immensely generous giveaway. I signed up yesterday after coming across your blog thanks to Isi, and I’m looking forward to following you in the future. In fact I was waiting for a chance to introduce myself but this seems as good as any. *waves* Hello Rebecca!


  2. Am I following your blog? I know I have been but since you started self hosting I don’t get the notifications but you still show up on “blogs I follow”.


  3. It’s so cool that you do this. I started following you during your read-a-thon a couple of weeks ago.

    Let your mom know that I gave one of the bracelets to my mom as one of her Mother’s Day gifts and she loved it. I’m loving the other two blue ones. How did you know that blue is my favorite color? LOL Thanks again!


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