What did I read in April again?

Here are some mini-reviews of my books read in April, just in case you forgot what I read 😛

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury – This was a reread with Sarah Says Read.  We’ve destroyed Earth, but Mars is up for grabs!  Now, what do we do with all of those Martians?  I know!  Let’s get rid of them. . .

Gathering Blue and Messenger (The Giver Books) by Lois Lowry – AMAZING sequels to The Giver!  If you enjoyed the dystopian/political commentary in The Giver, give these two a shot.

The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Sequel to The Shadow of the Wind. . . not as good as book 1 or 3, to be honest.

The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Talk about an amazing book that does justice to the series!  If you enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind, this one is a must and it does end up connecting all the pieces from The Angel’s Game, too.

The Liars’ Gospel by Naomi Alderman – Was Yeshoshuah the Messiah or a man with an inflated ego and too many exaggerated tales?  Kept me hooked!

Point of View by Debbie Berkelhammer – Debbie was given 1-3 months to live. . . but survived.  Not only is she inspirational in her story, but she was also an inspirational woman to meet in person, thanks to the Kensington Day of the Book Festival.

by Mary Shelley – My first ever video book review (and my 100th book!).  What did I think?  Franky’s monster is too well spoken, but hey, it’s a classic.

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz – OMG amazing!!!  You have to love Yunior and his inability to not cheat on his girlfriends.

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood – The retelling of the Odyssey from the perspective of Odysseus’s wife, Penelope.

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult – Sage is a baker who is asked by a prominent citizen, an elderly man, to help euthanize him.  Why?  Because he has a terrible secret: he was an SS soldier in the Nazi regime.  Sage’s g-ma is a Holocaust survivor.  Talk about crazy morality issues.  This is a true Picoult.


I also read . . .

  • The short story by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Rose of Fire, which is soooooo not worth reading.


Other notable things from April include. . .

  • . . . and meeting Junot Diaz, but you’ll have to wait on that post!


Thanks for reading,




17 thoughts on “What did I read in April again?

  1. What a great month of reading! I still need to read a Junot Diaz book – I have one sitting on my shelf, but always seem to forget about it. The Picoult sounds interesting. And, I loved The Prisoner of Heaven 🙂 Great mini reviews!! Can’t wait to read about you meeting Diaz!


  2. You read so many good things this month! I’m so bummed I haven’t started the Series of Unforunate Events books yet. I went to the library to get the first few for the readathons, but the first book wasn’t available so that plan fell through, lol.


  3. Thanks for reminding me about The Martian Chronicles. I think it was you or maybe Sarah that mentioned it when you were reading it. Unfortunately, it’s so long ;).


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