Happy Mother’s Day from Danna Pycher

This Mother’s Day, Danna Pycher, author of 3rd Generation and Beyond, is guest posting on my blog about (what else?) Mom!

Check it out:


All we ever wanted growing up was our mother’s attention. A lot of what we do currently in life is STILL just to get our mother’s approval and attention.

Have you ever thought about it from the other perspective though?  It’s hard sometimes to recognize our mothers as human beings. What I mean by that is they are mom first, person second.

It was a funny realization to me the day I woke up to the fact that my mom was “only human.”  It never occurred to me that she had emotions that were outside of the motherly realm and she potentially might have issues of her own.

I think for this Mother’s Day, what I want to do is listen to my mom.  I want her to tell me what’s happening in her world. Maybe a story or two of who she was before she was just “my mom”.


My mother is a big part of the story of 3rd Generation and Beyond. She and my dad were the ones who passed down the stories and moral lessons from my grandparents to me.  They are the ones who insisted that if nothing else in life I must be a good and kind individual.

So, for this Mother’s Day I hope that all daughters (and sons) can lend their ears to the worthiest cause out there. Mom.


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