3GAB by Danna Pycher & Giveaway!

I’ve been working really hard on the 3GAB Book Tour for author, and new friend, Danna Pycher.

Today, the tour stops by my blog, for my own review of 3rd Generation and Beyond, which I posted in early April.  Here is it again for those who missed it!



This word is Hebrew for “fated” or “meant to be.”  And this is how I feel about having been connected to Danna Pycher.

One of my friends sent me a Facebook message that basically said, “here’s my friend’s book, you should read it and put it on your blog and talk to my friend.” Danna and I were connected, she sent me a copy of 3rd Generation and Beyond, and since then, I have made it part of my mission to help promote this book.

Why do I want to help promote this book?  For many reasons.

One reason is because Danna is just so incredibly passionate!  3rd Generation and Beyond (3GAB from here on out) teaches morals and life lessons through the stories of her grandparents’ experiences surviving the Holocaust as well as through her stories of triumph after a terrible accident.  Through speaking to Danna and reading her story, it is obvious that she feels strongly about this book and her cause.

Another reason is the lessons in morality.  Each lesson in morality and values is illustrated through a real-life story of either her grandparents’ survival or her triumph over her accident.  The lessons are real, and exemplify values such as kindness, appreciation for what you have, being gracious, and questioning authority if there is injustice, just to name a few.

3GAB is a book that everyone should read.  The life lessons apply to all ages, reminding you of values and morals you may already know as an adult but possibly need to re-incorporate into your life.  At the same time, it forces you to understand the consequences of not following these life lessons, which can lead to extreme circumstances such as the Holocaust.  After all, even the Holocaust started with the small seed of hatred.

Danna has a goal to have her book utilized in schools and I support this so much that I am working with a few other teachers to help create a teacher’s guide for easy use in the classroom.  But this isn’t a YA book.  It’s a book for all ages.  As Danna said when she introduced the book to me, “I’ve had people from ages 9 to 89 read my book and find value in it.”



6 thoughts on “3GAB by Danna Pycher & Giveaway!

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  2. This book would be a treasure which I would cherish since it is so important and meaningful. I always use the expression Beshert and have for many years since it is applicable in our lives. Many thanks for this excellent post and the giveaway.


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