3GAB GP by DP & Giveaway

So many abbreviations and a giveaway!  Really, all this means is that for today’s 3GAB Book Tour (3GAB) stop, we’re back at my blog for a guest post (GP) by author Danna Pycher (DP)!

Here’s the post, and here are my thoughts on Danna’s book, 3rd Generation and Beyond, in case you missed them!


Writing 3rd Generation and Beyond was a journey in and of itself. It began as a seed of an idea in countries far away and evolved in the back of my mind over the course of a few years.  The process was a difficult one in that I wanted to share the universal life lessons I learned from the example of my grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors from Poland, but I wasn’t confident in the fact that I had the right to tackle a subject so daunting, especially since I hadn’t been there myself.

So, for many years it stewed in the recesses of my mind just wanting to come out, but like I mentioned my reservations held me back (amongst other life happenings!) Then a few life changing situations happened, which persuaded me to pursue this book and cause.


The first was a near death car accident. Sparing the gory details and fast forwarding a bit, I knew that I had gotten a second lease on life and my thought of writing the book changed from “Who am I to write this book?” to “Who am I not?”

The second was my grandmother’s, the Holocaust survivor, passing.  She was a wise, beautiful person and the book and all of my author talks are dedicated to her.  In my mind, I took it as a sign that it was time to finally finish the book after her passing.

The third was a class I took for research.  It was called Holocaust through Diaries and Memoirs and it was taught by an inspiration of a woman who was a child survivor.  I was the youngest in class and the other “students”, all of them retirees, supported and encouraged the book and it’s place in the world.

3rd Generation and Beyond is more than just a book to me. It is the culmination of a historical memoir that honors my grandparent’s wisdom and even more importantly is a call to action for all of us to learn that we are all in this together and need to take care of one another.

As the journey has continued since it’s publication, I have been overwhelmed with beautiful reactions to the writing.  My goal is to get it into the school systems because it is my belief if you teach good character to a young person, there is a great chance that they will develop into responsible individuals.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful to be on this journey with you all…

Danna Pycher


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