365 Project: Days 140-146

This week, I had a private tour of the Holocaust Museum, enjoyed the monuments at night, got some new walking shoes, and went to the Smithsonian Zoo to see the pandas!

Day 140 – Holocaust Museum – special private tour with family and a friend; tour by my Aunt, a volunteer there.

Day 141 – Enjoying Washington D.C monuments at night with my parents and husband!

Day 142 – Blog day!

Day 143 – Wish I could be comfortable in crazy sleeping positions, too.

Day 144

Day 145 – These shoes were made for walking! (And I need them because I’m doing sooooo much walking around town)

Day 146 – Smithsonian Zoo with Max, Min, & hubby. So great to be able to see pandas in real life! Only 4 US zoos have them.

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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9 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 140-146

  1. What a great week! I’ve always wanted to explore The Holocaust Museum. I know I’ll get there one day. I’ve been in DC but only for a day to march. I wasn’t able to see all the things I wanted to see.


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