365 Project: Days 154-160

This week, I am being profiled on Bookstore-Bookblogger Connection!  The website is awesome, because you can submit your book blurbs to be used in independent bookstores!  Check them (and me!) out!

I also did a ton of reading, got Tilly her favorite Kong SqueakAir balls, and volunteered with some kids and Washington Redskins football players!

Day 154 – My favorite place to read: in or by the pool!

Day 155 – These leaves contrasting with the sky on my walk today are too beautiful not to share.

Day 156 – He’s trying so hard to find How I Met Your Mother season 8 episode 2 for us!

Day 157 – Tilly loves her squeaky Kong tennis balls!

Day 158 – Made biscuits today from my bread recipe. Too delicious to stop eating!

Day 159 – Spent the morning volunteering at the Washington Redskins training facility with my husband, a bunch of kids, and some football players! Fun day!

Day 160 – Trying out Evernote!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



Want to see my entire 365 Project?  Check it out here!


16 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 154-160

  1. I’m so glad you had fun at the football camp! Dawn loved you guys, so I bet you can do it again next year!


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