365 Project: Days 175-181

This week, I got some pretty flowers, made some good meals, and went to the library.  Kind of a boring week, but more like normal life!

Day 175 – Surprised with flowers today

Day 176 – Loving this book! Look at all the sticky notes I’m using to mark amazing info . . .and I’m only about halfway through

Day 177 – My small Brita is the best (fits sooo well in a purse) even if it is a bit boyish

Day 178 – Breakfast for dinner: eggs and French toast, plus some fruit. Yummy!

Day 179 – My library books (2 Atwoods, since I need to catch up on Project Atwood!)

Day 180 – Spent the day with friends at the pool then had plenty of time to read, plus a little time for Desperate Housewives (thank you, Netflix)

Day 181 – Dinner!!!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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22 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 175-181

  1. I love normal weeks, they are much more calmer and therefore a bit more enjoyable. I thought your normal week sounded pretty good 🙂 Those flowers were so pretty – love the colors! And, what is this project Atwood you were referring to?


  2. Normal weeks can be the best. I’m hoping to have one the week after next. I just got back from vacation, family comes into town today (to stay with me), and a hectic work week. So I’m eagerly anticipating nothing to do.

    I enjoyed Moloka’i, but I’ve never read an Atwood (shamefully hang head).


    • Oh, if you do pick an Atwood, which you should, pick The Handmaid’s Tale!!! It’s my favorite book of all time, about a time when most women are infertile, so the fertile ones are “used” . . . it’s really cool, like a literary dystopian book.


      • I own Alias Grace, so that one will happen someday. I’ve heard wonderful things about The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, so I’m planning on those as well.

        I was just looking at here website, she’s written children’s book! Who knew?

        (apparently not me.)


        • I haven’t read Alias Grace yet, but I own it, too. I also have read Oryx & Crake, as well as a bunch of others. She’s good, but she does have books that are better than others. Handmaid’s is the best.


    • Thanks! I liked Moloka’i, but I wish it focused more on Rachel as a kid and less as an adult. I really liked her spunkiness and her rebelliousness!!! And I knew nothing about leprosy, so I learned (and then googled) a lot!


  3. The book cover for Moloka’i is really nice. Flowers make me happy, I think it brightens up a room instantly. I feel like going to buy myself some roses for my room!


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