365 Project: Days 182-188

This past week, I picked up a copy of the book that changed my life, went to a Washington Nationals game, ran into a deer, have waaaay too many books I’m reading, and visited the Sandy Spring Slave Museum & African American Art Gallery.

Day 182 – So excited that my copy of Garbology by Edward Humes came in the mail today! Months ago, this book changed my life when I grabbed it randomly at the library. Now it’s time for a reread!!!

Day 183 – Me? At a baseball game? Washington Nationals vs Milwaukee Brewers.

Day 184 – Look who I saw while walking today! What a nice surprise!

Day 185 – 4th of July brunch with my husband

Day 186 – Reading soooo many books at once (these 4, plus 2 on my Kindle). Thankfully, I finished 2 of those this evening.

Day 187 – A painting at the Sandy Spring Slave Museum & African Art Gallery in Maryland.

Day 188 – Spent a chunk of the day reading in my favorite spot – on the couch next to Tilly

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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15 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 182-188

  1. That brunch looks delish! You always post pictures of food that look SO YUMMY.

    Have another great week!


    • It was a good price, like $12 on B&N. I didn’t check Amazon, I had a B&N giftcard. I just figured that since it’s been a while since I read it and the information has sunk in, it’s probably time for a reread. What can I learn from it now?


    • I know. . . . Well, I have a strategy. American Grown by Michelle Obama is a book with a TON of writing and amazing pictures, so I stick with reading like 2-3 pages a few times a week. The Do One Green Thing book is separated by chapters filled with tips on a specific topic so I read a few chapters a week.


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