Salvage the Amazingness

You really just need to pick up Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward.  I could just end my review right there.

But I guess I won’t.  I’ll tell you a little more.


Over the course of twelve days, you learn about a poor family in Mississippi, before, during, and after a large hurricane sweeps through town.  You may have heard of this hurricane.  It’s Katrina.

Esch’s father is very concerned about the hurricane, but he doesn’t stay sober enough to make sure all of the plans go through properly.  Esch hasn’t been feeling well, and has an inkling of why her stomach seems to be growing.  Her brother Skeetah is consumed with his fighting dog and her puppies.  Esch’s brothers Randall and Junior don’t really seem to have specific places where they fit in.

As the days loom closer to the hurricane’s arrival, as a reader, I was nervous for them!  I kept thinking: how can they be experiencing daily life when they need to be so much more prepared?  But Esch’s family had no way of knowing what would happen. . . and what would happen to them.

What kind of natural disasters do you have where you live?


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22 thoughts on “Salvage the Amazingness

    • You know, other people discussed how you shouldn’t read this book if you are sensitive to the dog issue, but I love dogs (have one, have always had a dog) and hate the idea of dogs fighting, but since it’s fiction, I was totally okay with it. It was intense, yes, but it didn’t effect me.


  1. I’m super glad you liked this one Rebecca, I really did too. It was awful and amazing…you know what I mean.

    In northern Wisconsin we don’t deal with your typical natural disasters. As I always say, the only way to be injured by the weather here is if you are a special kind of stupid 😉 Our winters are intense but we all know how to deal.


  2. We have NO natural disasters here on the eastern stateline of Ohio and I think that’s 75% of the reason I like it here! (Then again, they started this whole fracking business, so earthquakes are a possibility I suppose.) Snow is the worst we get and even then it’s not usually debilitating.

    This sounds like a good book, although I think I’d be yelling at the characters…in my head at least.


    • Snow is totally bad. I have been in Florida since I was three, until this bout of traveling with my husband. This was the first winter I had ever experienced. Sometimes the winter was fun, but not when it was windy! The wind was horrific! So to me, that’s a natural disaster! 😛


      • Haha…I hate snow, but have lived in Ohio my whole life, so am totally used to it. Funny how that works huh?

        Oh, and just because I posted here earlier that we don’t get disastrous weather, there is a HUGE storm moving directly through my area. If you see it on the weather channel or news tonight, that’s me! Tornado spotted in a town about 30-45min from me. Of course…I forgot to knock on wood when posting earlier.


  3. Hurricanes really scare me! In my country there aren’t, but we have earthqakes from time to time, several forest fires now in summertime and floods in the south of Spain.
    The only “good thing” about hurricanes is that they are registered time before (2 or 3 days) and the authorities are able to warn the population, but still… they are too scary!
    The book sounds great, I’d like to know how that people coped with the disaster.


    • See, that’s my feeling EXACTLY! Hurricanes are scary and we have then in Florida, but we KNOW when they are coming and can prepare for them.

      I think it’s scarier when it’s something like a tornado that can’t be predicted, and same with earthquakes. We don’t have earthquakes in Florida, but there can be tornados, although normally they come with hurricanes so we’re a little more prepared.


    • Definitely. I dislike when people jump on the “hot new thing” train. If she was talking about Katrina to make money, it would have cheapened the book for sure. But she was genuine and the disaster only added to the suspense of the novel.


  4. I’m so happy to find someone else who loves this one!

    In my significantly less intelligent years, I went surfing in a hurricane (at least it was only a category one).


    • Oh nooooooo! Dangerous! Don’t tell that to young children! 🙂

      I’m from Florida, so I know plenty of people who do the same thing, but I’m a person who leans more to the safe side of things. Hurricanes to me mean filling up the gas tank and making sure I have candles and batteries!

      But yes, looooooved Salvage the Bones. So did Leah. Do you know her? Books Speak Volumes?


  5. I’ve never experienced a natural disaster. Not sure how I’d handle it, considering I’m so afraid of thunderstorms here in my country. I think the worst we’ve had is floods, because we have pretty bad rainstorms, but it’s mostly people that looses their homes which is sad. I’ve seen reviews on this book and to be honest, I won’t read it. (The dog fighting scenes, I think it will be too much for me). I’m glad you liked the book!


    • It’s so interesting to me. I have a dog, have always had dogs, but the dog fighting stuff didn’t affect me at all. If that was real, I’d be upset for sure. But it wasn’t real and there was only one dog fighting scene. It wasn’t a huge part of the book in any way. It’s a scene you could even skip reading and then you’d still get a whole sense of the book.


  6. I just finished reading this. I almost quit 50 pages in because it felt like it was moving so slowly – I am SO glad I stuck with it. As much as the subjects of hurricanes and dog fighting were interesting the thing that struck me the most as I read this book was the relationships between the members of this family. They were amazingly loyal to each other. They clearly loved, respected and cared for each other despite the fact that they also clearly recognized each others weaknesses.
    I really enjoyed “watching” the relationships develop. The degree to which they stood up for each other really resonated with me.
    The challenges of the hurricane and the dog fighting (pretty gruesome!) made the book a unique and interesting read.


    • Oh good!!! I totally agree with you. Some people discuss the dog fighting, and I’m a dog person through and through, but I didn’t feel as terrible reading those scenes as I did with the family issues and connections.


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