365 Project: Days 196-202

This week, I watched some Prison Break, tutored, fell in love with the new cd by The Used, read of course, and painted my nails a neon pink that I’m a huge fan of!

Day 196 – Pool, laundry, and Prison Break!

Day 197 – Tutored today!

Day 198 – Too cute!

Day 199 – Kept me occupied on my walk today

Day 200 – My Friday read!

Day 201 – Spending time with my husband at a friend’s grad school graduation party

Day 202 – Love this color – it’s even more Barbie-ish in real life!

And today, I fly to Florida to start a road trip with my sister!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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14 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 196-202

  1. I need to catch up on my favourite series’! That pink is really bright, but it looks nice on you. I’m going to start walking more towards the end of the winter so I can loose the extra weight in time for summer 🙂

    Enjoy your trip!


    • So far, really thinking The Wal-Mart Effect is a must-read for people. It is eye opening, and while it has a negative slant, it also sounds like it’s being honest. It’s a harder read for me, though, with all of the facts. I’m reading a little at a time, so it’s taking forever.


  2. Awww, you and your hubby look gorgeous!

    How is Prison Break? I’ve heard good things, but it seems kind of… I don’t know. Not my jam? But people seem to really love it!


    • Is Mad Men on Netflix, too? I’ve only heard amazing things, and since Prison Break is only 4 seasons, I’ll need a new show to watch next! I’m only on the beginning of season 2 though, so it’ll be a while!


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