50 Bookish Things Update

You may remember a few months ago, Allison @ The Book Wheel and I came up with the concept of having a 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die list.

We had seen many bookish bucket lists, but they only dealt with the concept of what books you want to read before you die, not what book-related tasks you wanted to accomplish.

Allison and I worked very hard on this concept and list.  Seriously, it tooks us weeks to think of our ideas!  Before creating it, we searched high and low for a similar list and found absolutely nothing. Within weeks of posting our lists, we began to see lists with the same title pop up on various blogs and social networking sites.

Please help us keep the integrity of the book blogging community by crediting our blogs and/or using our logos to help spread the fun in an honest way.

We encourage all book fans to create their own lists, but request, once again, that you link us up. Like I said, we worked very hard on this concept.


Anyway, in March, Allison and I came up with the idea for a  bookish bucket list, which we titled 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die. What’s different about our list is that it has nothing to do with reading any particular books, but rather taking bookish actions.

We had 35 goals in common and 15 individual goals. Together, we have helped each other work our ways through some of the items on our lists, so below is an update.

The ones that I have started or completed are bolded and explained.

Common Goals

  1. 20 DIY bookish (& sophisticated) crafts – created a Kindle cover (tutorial will come to my blog eventually!)
  2. Participate in creating or create my own Little Free Library
  3. Read 50+ classics – Not there yet, but here’s my Classics Club info!
  4. Visit author/book locations (homes, parks, etc.) – Stanley Hotel which inspired The Shining by Stephen King, the House of the Seven Gables which is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s inspiration
  5. Do 10 new activities inspired by books
  6. Go to a book blogging conference – Not yet, but I am going to a general blogging conference in September
  7. Have cards in 10+ countries – working on it! Have a card going to Spain pretty soon!
  8. Stamp 100+ books – I haven’t been keeping track, but I guarantee I am over the 100 mark, having stamped a ton of books that were donated by my aunt
  9. Send/Receive 100+ PostCrossing cards – I’ve sent a few, but I might actually change this one. . . I’m not enjoying this goal as much as I thought I would be.
  10. Do 10+ video blog posts – One down: Frankenstein
  11. Plan a few book-themed dates
  12. Have a book-themed party
  13. Host an in-person book club
  14. Meet 20 authors – Met Stephen King in college, Jodi Picoult, Ayana Mathis, Debbie Berkelhammer, Junot Diaz
  15. Make blog bookmarks – not yet, but it’s coming!
  16. Consistently volunteer or work at a bookstore or library
  17. Work a Friends of the Library sale
  18. Guest post for a big deal book website or magazine
  19. Host a blogging event – see the Weekday Read-a-thon and Book Club
  20. Write thank you notes to authors whose books make a difference
  21. Make postcards for the blog for PostCrossing
  22. Get 1,000 Likes on Facebook – 387 so far. . . I’d love if you helped me get closer to my goal with a like!
  23. Get 1,000 followers on the blog
  24. Have a review posted/published by a national publication/website
  25. Be asked by Amazon to be a Vine member
  26. Be invited as a guest speaker for a blog/book-related conference
  27. Make enough money from blog to break even with blog costs
  28. Get 1,000 books donated to a cause
  29. Participate in online author discussions – Participated in SheReads discussions and have hosted my own author discussion with Danna Pycher!
  30. Plan a trip to meet other book bloggers
  31. Read the top most banned books
  32. Participate often in BookCrossing
  33. Have a stamped book/leave a card in every state – So far, I have 17 states down!
  34. Have a stamped book in 10+ countries – Whenever Allison sends out the book to Spain, I’ll have one!
  35. Participate in as many blogging events (Bloggiesta, read-a-thons, YoRWtFIW, etc) as I can – Bloggiesta, book club, read-a-thons, YoRWtFIW

Then, there were some that we decided on independently.  Here are my 15 individual goals:


Individual Goals

  1. Make a deeper, personal connection with an author – Danna Pycher!!!! Yay!!!!
  2. Read 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die – working on it. . .
  3. Visit as many libraries as I can in as many cities as I can Denver Public Library, Boulder Public Library, Chelmsford Public Library, Boston Public Library, and later this month I’ll go to the Library of Congress!  Plus, I’ve been to a bunch more that I haven’t blogged about in Virginia and the DC area recently.
  4. Read a book in another language (besides English)
  5. Read 10 books of poetry
  6. Read 20 books of short stories – I haven’t been keeping track like I should, but I have made it a huge point to do more of this, like with What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne FrankMoral Disorder, Appearances, The Rag, and The Tent. Actually, I guess I have been keeping track!
  7. Write a children’s book
  8. Fill my wall of bookshelves with books
  9. Keep my Goodreads To Read list up to date and accurate
  10. Record videos of childrens books being read aloud for the internet
  11. Give out ALL business cards
  12. Volunteer more than once for Librivox
  13. Create my own blogging event (like Bloggiesta, read-a-thon, YoRWtFIW) – Weekday Read-a-thon with The Book Wheel, Book Club with The Book Wheel
  14. Read 10+ graphic novels (aka comic books, husband’s choice)
  15. Host a book swap party

Allison and I are challenging YOU!  Create your own bookish bucket list!

Can’t think of 50?  Think of however many you can!

Feel free to take my logo (below) or Allison’s logo and create your own 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die!  Just make sure to link it back to or Love at First Book and/or The Book Wheel!

Love at First Book

Then share it with us!!!!!  And check out Allison’s List of 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die and Allison’s update!

Already have a list? Leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

21 thoughts on “50 Bookish Things Update

  1. You’re making great progress. I love that youve gotten your card out internationally! That’s so cool. I am using your card as a bookmark so I think of your blog everyday lately! I’ve been meaning to work on my bookish bucket list so I can link it up. Way to go and keep up the good work. I would love to go to a blogging conference, which one are you going to?


  2. I love this idea!! I don’t know if I am organized enough to actually make a list, but I am all for doing more bookish things in my life. Keep posting about your progress. I can’t wait to see how you do.


  3. This is a fantastic list! I really like your goals to read more short stories and comic books along with give away all of your business cards. I have a ton of them too! 😉 I would join you guys and make a list, but I don’t think I can come up with 50 things.


    • Thanks!!!! You can totally join and come up with your own X# of things!

      Also, I am a big fan of being well-rounded, and I know I was lacking with short stories, poetry, and comic books. Not like cheesy comic books, but like the classic ones, the real ones. Why not give it a chance when it’s something I have never read before, you know? It’s part of the challenge, my husband’s idea, and a really good one! Although, I totally don’t want to! 🙂


  4. What a list! I love that you’ve found so many ways to be bookish, a fine example of how reading can be a social activity as well as a solitary one!

    May have to make my own now.


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  6. If you want to get a card or stamped book to Norway or Korea, let me know. My husbands family live in Norway and my mother is Korean and we’re visiting there next summer!


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