365 Project: Days 231-237

This week, I read a lot and ate yummy food.  I did more, but if you just gauge it according to my photos, that’s what it looks like!

Day 231 – Reading and blogging for Bout of Books!

Day 232 – The froyo place attached to my apartment building opened up today! Yay!

Day 233 – Grillin’

Day 234 – The books from today’s library visit!

Day 235 – What I’m reading based on Allison @ The Book Wheel’s recommendation

Day 236 – Delicious!

Day 237 – Celebrating my sister’s birthday with a blast from the past picture (I’m the older one in the pic)

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



Want to see my entire 365 Project?  Check it out here!


10 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 231-237

  1. Those grilled hot dogs look SO GOOD. Seriously, mouth just watered so bad. I should probably go eat some breakfast or something… And I’ve never had froyo! Want to try it.

    Apparently I’m all about the food, lol.

    I hope you have another great week!


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