The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan is a love story of a couple told through dictionary entries.

I know this sounds odd, but it totally works.

I enjoyed the story a lot, but I had two issues, which are directly related to each other:

Did the perspectives change from male to female?  Was one person telling the story the whole time?  I got confused with that.

Second, if the male was telling a chunk of the story, well, he’s just too wimpy and romantic for my taste.

Honestly, though, the dictionary entries did not take away from the story in the least.  It was such a unique way to showcase an everyday type of relationship, with its ups and downs.

What do you think about reading a book in dictionary definition form?


Interested in getting your own copy? Check it out on Amazon & IndieBound. I get a small percentage if you purchase from those links, and it doesn’t cost you any extra.


12 thoughts on “The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

  1. I’ve heard from other people that this book is really good, but I have to admit the premise seems really strange! Do you follow @loversdiction on Twitter? It’s run by David Levithan and it has dictionary entries that aren’t from the book but which complement it. I haven’t read the book, but I enjoy the Twitter!


    • Oh interesting! I just am not a fan of love stories in the least, so that probably also led to my not-love of this book. But that’s really a cool idea, to expand on the book like that through twitter.

      It’s really a short book, Leah, so it won’t take you much time if you do decide to read it.


  2. I was intrigued by the format, but I hated this book when I read it. The male (who I’m assuming was doing most of the “talking”) totally was too wimpy and whiny! And the relationship just seemed ridiculous and not really based on love at all. I think David Levithan just isn’t a good author for me, I haven’t enjoyed anything else by him either.


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