365 Project: Days 238-244

This week, I did a lot of reading, started a nannying position, made some soup from scratch, and visited a few wineries with my husband and some good friends!

Day 238 – Started a nannying job today and here’s what I’m reading!

Day 239 – Tried a new (neon) drink today!

Day 240 – Sooooo ready to be done with this book

Day 241 – This book is AWESOME!

Day 242 – Skinny Bitch has gotten into my head! Some new things to try and incorporate into my diet.

Day 243 – Delicious soup made from scratch!

Day 244 – A Day of VA vineyards/wineries: Chrysalis, Boxwood, Greenhill, and Cana

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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13 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 238-244

  1. I am LOVING these posts! I’m only a fairly new follower so I haven’t seen them all, but I’m definitely planning to go back and look at the rest soon. I just love getting these little snapshots into someone’s life – in a non-creepy kind of fun way, obviously – and it’s making for quite addictive reading! (Viewing? Reading? You know what I mean!)


    • Hahaha! That made me smile.

      I love keeping my blog bookish, but I think that to be a good blogger, I can still give you a tiny slice of my life while talking books. And I loved another blogger’s 365 project, so I decided to start it, too, in January. I think it’s a fun way to document my day! Glad you enjoy it, too!


  2. Oooo how was that Neuro stuff? I’ve seen that at the store but I always remain skeptical.

    Looking forward to your review of The Middlesteins.


    • I wasn’t a huge fan of the Neuro stuff. I didn’t get that it was carbonated (says lightly carbonated on the BACK) and I’m not a carbonation kind of girl. But the flavor was fine. I wouldn’t buy it again but it wasn’t bad.


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