365 Project: Days 252-258

This week, I had a cold so I inundated myself with oranges and fresh juice, got some good book mail, and wrapped Tilly up like a burrito after a bath.

Day 252 – Classy and trashy mail

Day 253 – Fish with white wine, butter, and lemon juice on top of couscous with peas and corn – absolutely delish!

Day 254 – Eating as many of these as I can in order to get rid of this cold!

Day 255 – I just can’t get enough!

Day 256 – How I spent my day: Reading and with Tilly by my side

Day 257 – Yay for controversial book mail and Leah from Books Speak Volumes’s bookmarks!

Day 258 – Bundled up like a burrito after her bath

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,



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10 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 252-258

    • It must be cold season. The temperature dropped by like 20 degrees here, so that could be why. I’m like 95% better. Still a little cold-ish but pretty much clear, which is good.

      And yeah, Tilly wasn’t a fan of the burrito move, but I just thought she looked adorable.


  1. I hope you kill your cold soon! Yogi tea does wonders when I’m under the weather; they have tons of different herbal teas to treat different things — congestion, sore throat, immune support, etc. It’s amazing.

    I’m honored to have made it into your 365 project! Woot!


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