5 Things Friday: Best. Bookmarks. Ever.

We’ve all experienced this bookish problem:

You stick your book somewhere, pick it up, whatever, and your bookmark falls out.

It’s annoying, it’s inconvenient and it’s a frustration that is kind of dumb to have when there are easy solutions.

My favorite solution to this problem?  Magnetic bookmarks.  I made my own about six years ago and I still use it all the time.

But I need a new one, and while scanning the web for fabulousness, I stumbled across 5 of my new favorite bookmarks.

5 Things Friday: Best. Bookmarks. Ever.


  1. Cupcake i-clips Magnetic Bookmarks ($3.56 for set of 8) by Peter Pauper Press – Like I said, magnetic bookmarks rock and these are just so cute!
  2. Punctuation i-Clip Magnetic Bookmarks ($3.56 for set of 8) by Peter Pauper Press – A booklover and grammar gal’s dream
  3. Sprout Bookmarks ($6.97 for 6) by Fred – So I don’t know if these will stay put in your books, but as a green gal, I just can’t get enough!
  4. Metal Letter Clip-on Bookmark ($1.99) by That Company Called If (various letters) – That Company also makes my favorite folding bookends, and when I saw they had initial clip-on bookmarks, I was sold.
  5. Levenger Book Bungee ($6.00, various colors) by Levenger – I grew up with these bookmarks, and I think my mom still has one that is probably more than 15 years old.  They will NEVER fall out of your books.  You place the insert inside the book, move the elastic strap around the outside, and voila!

Which one is your favorite?  What’s your bookmark solution?



60 thoughts on “5 Things Friday: Best. Bookmarks. Ever.

  1. Cuuuute! I haven’t gotten into the magnetic bookmarks, but the strap one (5) looks handy! I tend to use just whatever I have around… a receipt, movie stub, post-it note, etc.


    • Which works, until that time that it falls out. And you can’t say you don’t know what I’m talking about! 🙂
      but yeah, magnetic or the strap one from Levenger are awesome because they are pretty sturdy, it’s impossible for them to fall out.


  2. I have a Levenger Book Bungee that I’ve used for several years. I love it. I like those magnetic ones too, which reminds me I think I have some monkeys in a drawer somewhere. Fun post!


  3. I still prefer old-fashioned postcards, wherever we travel I buy postcards mostly of the countryside, of art from museums. So I get a flash of memory each time I open my book. They still fall out though! SD


    • Oh that’s a great way to use the postcards!

      Maybe you can figure out a way to attach 2 of them and place a magnet in between. . . it might be a little bulkier, and it’s a DIY project, but an easy one. Or you can use the postcards for everyday reading and invest in a non-falling-out one for travel/purse.


  4. I remember having a really cool bookmark when I was a kid; it was a little gold-ish clip (kind of similar to a paper clip) with an elephant on the top that you kind of clipped to the top of the page. I wonder whatever happened to it!


    • I keep them with my office supplies, but yeah, if I don’t have like 10-15 that I like, it’s useless. That’s why I need to add a few more of these amazing magnetic ones. I’m leaning towards the punctuation. . .


  5. I’d never thought of magnetic bookmarks before, but now you’ve mentioned them they make so much sense! I want! (I also want one of those metal letter ones).

    I find it so hard to get rid of bookmarks, even old tatty ones, I just can’t do it.


    • Keep them. I still have one from the 90s. It’s holographic-ish and had a terrible-feeling texture. But I can’t get rid of it. . .

      But I do think that I can add to my “collection” with some better ones, especially now that I need more magnetic ones.


    • The good bungee ones, like this Levenger one, not only last FOREVER (my mom still has one that is over 20 years old) but they aren’t too tight as to “hurt” the book. The Levenger one has some give, and it’s really sturdy and thick.

      I could see issues if the book bungee was too tight, but the Levenger one isn’t like that.


  6. I just use the free bookmarks I get at the library or whatever piece of paper is lying around when I am going to stop reading. I must admit that not needing a bookmark is part of the reason that I love my Kindle.


  7. I have a so many bookmarks!! I like the magnetic ones too, but my favorite I found last year in Providence RI, and I’ve got 4 of them now. They are called Bookjigs, check them out!
    You clip on to the cover and then move the ribbon, you don’t lose the bookmark and the ribbons don’t come out easily.


  8. I like the last one!! It’s a good idea also for text book when you want also to have a pencil near you, hehe.
    The magnetic ones are not for me: I’m more classical when it comes to bookmarks, but I like the pictures of cupcakes 😀


    • Yeah, the sprout may not actually stay inside your book, but I looooooove it because I think it’d look cute on display books that are standing upright, like on an entryway table or something. Like a little miracle growing out of a piece of literature.


  9. I gave up on bookmarks a long time ago and now I always dog-ear my books. I do most of my reading during my commute and they either fell out or mysteriously got lost. I haven’t tried magnetic booksmarks though. Those look really cute so I might give them a try! 🙂


    • Dog earring is an option, not one I feel comfortable with, but you can’t (or shouldn’t) do it on lib books or borrowed books. Plus, while I haven’t tried these specific magnetic ones yet, since I have to order something new, I can vouch for how amazing (and not-moving) magnetic bookmarks are.


  10. I use Page Points that I buy from Levenger. They’re the best–unobtrusive and able to even mark where you left off on a page if it’s in the middle of a chapter. Love them.


  11. Would you believe I don’t use book marks? True story. I just commit the page number to memory. That doesn’t mean I don’t love a good book mark – I particularly liked the letter R.


  12. As much as I like fancy bookmarks, I usually just use whatever I have around when I settle in with a book. If I plan a little, I like to just use a regular Post-It note — good for staying in place and for having a place to take a couple notes if they come to me.


  13. I like those cupcake ones – so cute! I don’t really buy bookmarks, I use ones that I get from friends, you know those where there is a poem on the front and I love reading the message that’s written behind it – it’s just nice and then I sometimes think of the person (especially if it’s someone I’m no longer friends with)

    Or I use bookmarks that I get in magazines 😦


  14. I Love these! I think the punctuation ones are my favorite! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. These are great gift ideas too. How convenient that I can enjoy your blog and get some gifting done at the same time 🙂


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