Grammar Issues – and How to Fix Them

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Grammarly.  However, all of stories, impassioned feelings, and witty commentary are my own.  

I use Grammarly for English proofreading because I want my posts to be intense while still being in tense.

Because let’s face it: Poor grammar sucks.  When you spell something wrong or use “your” instead of “you’re,” you don’t look intelligent.  Even worse are the random apostrophe additions!  Oh my goodness, those drive me insane!

I’m a huge fan of photographing the errors I find in public places.  Here are some of my favorites:

Grammar DisanceA spelling error on a pier in Cocoa Beach.  What is “disance” viewing?  Does it cost THAT much to fix this mistake?

Grammar Documentary Oh, television information bar!  “We You at Risk?”

Grammar YourActually “your” dumb. As a reminder, “your” is possessive and “you’re” means “you are.” It’s not that difficult, especially when you are PAYING for your advertisement!

However, there are some fabulous solutions to this problem.  It is FREE to ask a friend or two to check your work.  You can hire an editor.  Or you can check out Grammarly.

I signed up for the free trial to check Grammarly out, and I really like it.  Even for someone as grammar-conscious as I am, there were things I missed in some of my posts.

All I did was copy and paste my text, and then Grammarly finds my errors.  They are explained simply, with suggestions on how to fix the text.

Okay, so now that I’m all paranoid about it: Any grammatical errors in this post?

What’s your best (or worst) grammatical error?



19 thoughts on “Grammar Issues – and How to Fix Them

  1. I’ve never heard of this service before, wow, thanks for sharing it! I find it’s really hard to catch mistakes when I’m tired or have edited a post several times… Or like now when I’ve only had a few sips of morning coffee 🙂


    • Wendi,

      It was super easy to use! I’m actually very good in general with grammar, but for people who have issues with it, Grammarly is a great solution. And even for someone like me who is good at it, Grammarly would also be great because almost no one can catch everything. It’s like spell-check but taken up a notch.


  2. My grammar sense are heightened the years I teach seventh grade, but fad a little bit years I’m not. The best public mistake I ever saw was this past August at a Bubba Gump restaurant in Destin, Florida. The kids menu had a coloring picture of a shrimp and some other sealife. It said exactly, positioned this way even:

    Color Louie!
    & His Friends’

    Why the ! after Louie? And if it is supposed to be two sentences, the second is a fragment and starts with a symbol. And for God’s sake, his friends own what?!


  3. I use grammarly on every post I write – I don’t subscribe because I can’t afford it, but it is really good and pointing me in the right direction.

    I’m always using the wrong words in sentences. Those pesky words that seem the same but aren’t.


  4. I like to find grammar problems and typos in my local news. It’s soooooo bad, there are multiple errors every time the news airs!

    Grammarly is something I think a lot of my students would want to know about. 🙂


  5. Thanks for introducing Grammarly. I try to check my writing as much as possible, but I also just look for spelling errors and when I look for grammatical errors, it’s usually the ones I’m aware of (which might mean the ones I’m not aware of I don’t check). I will go check this out, I hate spelling errors in reviews 😐


  6. ohmygosh I am SO with you. I work in PR and concert programs at a university music school and then also as an editor for an online arts journal. The worst is for the recital programs—since so many words in those are not English (like, Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, and then of course all the first and last names of everyone), spell checkers don’t recognize anything so I have to check everything manually. I’m more forgiving in casual, informal emails and on blog posts. 😉

    But I think if I can make it through my time at this job without accidentally letting a “rectal” slip by (instead of “recital”), I’ll feel pretty good about myself 🙂


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