365 Project: Days 315-328

So I’m suuuuch a picture slacker.  I guess I’m just ready for the 365 project to end.  Well, not too many days left.  I’ll try to be better!!!

This week, I celebrated my last birthday in my 20s and saw Catching Fire.  I reread the book, too, before seeing the movie.  I think they did a great job!

I also made the decision to put in my 2 weeks notice at my nannying job, but I’ll still be tutoring until we go back to Florida in a few months.

This week, I’m excited for Thanksgiving because one of my favorite people is coming to visit with her husband!!!

365 Project via Love at First BookDays 316-317: All of my library holds came in!  Some of those I have been waiting MONTHS for!

365 Project via Love at First BookDay 320: Night out with some of my sorority sisters from Florida State (and one from Univ of Pittsburg!).  It was so nice bc I didn’t know the girls, since they were younger than me from my sister’s pledge class!

Day 326: I’m one year older!  Birthday dinner with some friends.

365 Project via Love at First BookDay 327: Went to DC with my husband to see some of the monuments in the Tidal Basin, you know, the far away ones like the MLK and Jefferson.

Day 328: Saw Catching Fire.  Sooo good!

What were you up to this week?



Want to see my entire 365 Project?  Check it out here!


22 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 315-328

  1. I’m glad that Catching Fire got such a nice response from readers. I can’t wait to go see it myself! Happy birthday! PS: I have a library card that I haven’t used in YEARS, can you believe it! I need to go again.


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