Christmas Faith: Guest Post by Book-alicious Mama

Today’s post is a guest post by Jennifer @ Book-alicious Mama, about her experiences with Christmas with two young daughters, one of which is on the verge of a potential Santa discovery.  Since I’ve given you a few Hanukkah posts, here’s a good balance with a Christmas one from Jennifer:

Santa Picture via Book-licious MamaAs I ran around the other day, checking my list and checking it twice, trying to get presents for my girls for Christmas – presents that will sit both under the tree and beside it – I marvel at the magic of Christmas and Christmas faith. You see with two little girls – well two little girls who are both trying to be big – two little girls who are aged 10.5 and 2.5 – we, my husband and I, are on the cusp of two Christmases. Both are filled with magic and joy. But one, B, my 2.5 year old, is just starting to believe in the magic that is Christmas. She has started to believe in the wonderment that is Santa Claus. The man, who if you will, embodies the Christmas spirit. My other daughter, E, the 10.5 year old, is most likely coming to a new stage of Christmas – the Christmas where she realizes that we all embody the spirit of Christmas. The Christmas where she realizes that Santa Claus is more than one person. He is many people and efforts rolled into one.

Now before anyone runs off and tells E that they heard she doesn’t believe, don’t! I’m Santa Picture via Book-licious Mamanot saying we are there yet, because we are not. My husband and I know that we will be there soon – too soon. We will be telling her shortly that Santa is the magic, love and spirit of giving to others. He is more than one person. He is the essence of Christmas. He is Christmas faith.

Santa allows children to believe in something that they cannot see and touch. In believing in that unseen figure, it’s how you have a Christmas faith that will carry you through some of your darker times. Our little family has been tested by those darker times this year. We have had to reach into the depths of our souls, into our reserves and find faith, courage and strength that we didn’t know existed, that we didn’t know we had. We, especially E, has shown courage that you read about in books. She is my hero.

So as I run around trying to create the perfect Christmas for my girls, trying to make sure I don’t forget that one gift that they want, trying to make sure that I keep the spirit of Christmas alive, I have to remind myself that the spirit of Christmas, that Christmas faith, is with us all year long. Faith is what causes us to believe when common sense tells us not to.

-Jennifer @ Book-alicious Mama


11 thoughts on “Christmas Faith: Guest Post by Book-alicious Mama

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  2. Jennifer, What a great way to describe Santa and the true meaning of Christmas… I will have to remember these words when it’s time to have that chat with my daughter in a few years. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season!


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