5 Favorite Autographed Books

 Today I am sharing with you five of my favorite autographed books!

Favorite Autographed Books via Love at First Book

Book 1: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom – As you know I’m a big Mitch Albom fan, and have read almost every single one of his books.  I picked this one up recently at a book sale I attended with River City Reading, and was so surprised when I got home and found it signed!

Book 2: Point of View on Dying and Living by Debbie Berkelhammer – Long story short, my sister met Debbie on a flight to DC, got a copy of her book, read it, and passed it along to me.  I met Debbie at the Kensington Day of the Book Festival, where I found out just how amazing she actually is.  POV is about her battle with a disease that gave her 3 months to live. . . and she beat it.

Book 3: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis Meeting Ayana Mathis was fabulous because she just seemed so down to Earth!  She chatted about her book, answered questions, autographed books, and even let me grab a picture with her!  Not to mention, I just loved this book (and so did Oprah!).

Book 4: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult – This book is classic JP, with the twists and turns you expect.  Jodi was a fabulous speaker, and took the time to autograph books personally and allow pictures with her.  The Storyteller is a book that focuses on forgiveness and tragedy, and I just loved it.

Book 5: American Grown by Michelle Obama – Thanks to Politics & Prose in DC, I have my own signed copy of Am Grown.  And not only was it great to meet Mrs. Obama and shake her hand, but her book is fabulous.  It’s filled with gorgeous photographs, tales of gardens across America, including the White House gardens, and some of her favorite recipes!

If you watch the video. . . I might have thrown in a surprise #6 book. . .

So now it’s your turn!

Tell me what your favorite book that you have autographed is! And if you don’t have any, well, which book would you love to get signed?



48 thoughts on “5 Favorite Autographed Books

  1. I am a bit jealous of your signed Albom book 😉 I love his books!!

    I got a copy of Terugkeer Ongewenst by Charles Lewinsky. I love his work and was upset I could not make it to the signing but the shop made him sign a book for me and send it over.
    And a couple of months ago I went to a reading on The Ocean at the End of the Lane with Neil Gaiman and had my copy signed 😀 though I love reading the book it was awesome to hear him read it.


  2. Ok, an autographed book by Michelle Obama is pretty cool. I used to be really into having signed books, but in the last few years this has started to matter less to me. Maybe it’s because i read more ebooks now. Or maybe its because i hate waiting in line.


    • Haha waiting in line does suck. I just try to make sure I get autographed books by some of my favorites. I think it’s about priorities. I’ll wait for some authors and could care less about others. I also prefer to meet the author than just to have the signed book. I’d wait longer to be able to shake an author’s hand AND have a signed book, you know? It’s all relative!


  3. My favorite signed books so far are my copies of Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck, A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White and The Guest House by Erika Marks.

    Loved reading about your books and experiences with the authors!


  4. I still can’t believe how lucky you were to find that Mitch Albom! I can’t wait for you to read Want Not, too – it’s so great. My copy is signed from the night Miles was at Fountain, so I love that one. I’ve been lucky to be able to see so many great authors there just this last year alone, but I think my favorite signed book was The Blood of Heaven by Kent Wascom. His reading was really great and he wrote such a nice comment in my book about the review I wrote, so it’s one I’ll always look back to.


  5. I don’t usually stay for autographs after book readings! I’m not sure why but the signature doesn’t matter so much to me. I’d love a picture with Jodi Picoult (pronounced Picoo, by the way) so that would be totally worth it!
    I’m a member of the Parnassus First Edition club – once a month they send you a book signed by the author…but I don’t actively collect them.


  6. Yay Vlog! My favorite signed books are We Are Water by Wally Lamb, just because he is one of my favorite authors. And one called Freedom’s Children by Ellen Levine. It is not signed by Levine but by a set of four African American siblings who lived through the Civil Rights Movement and whose family is spoken of in the book. I heard them speak, met them, and had my book signed when I took my students on a field trip to the local college.

    That field trip is where I get most of my signed books. The one year I couldn’t go, two years ago, Laurie Halse Anderson was the speaker! And my daughter went with her school and while eating lunch couldn’t find a seat. She said a lady called her over to sit in an empty seat and part way through lunch my daughter realizes she’s eating with Laurie Halse Anderson. All these years and I never got that lucky!


  7. I have a couple of autographed books, but my favorite is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. One of my best friends went to a reading, but it was a weeknight, 2 hours away, and I had to work the next day. Sooooo, I sent my friend a text while she waited in line of me looking pathetic and she got me an autographed book :). Jenny even posed for a picture with an invisible me so my friend could photoshop me in later. It’s the best :).


  8. I have a lot of autographed books, they’re all my precious. But, the most recent book I got signed is With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent, along with omnibuses of the rest of the series, when I saw her again in November, so that might be my current fave signed book/set.


  9. OMG! You can make a list out of your autographed books, that’s so cool! I only have one and it’s Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It cost me a fortune (thanks shipping costs, you’re always unexpected), but it was sooo worth it! 🙂


  10. I’ve seen Jodi Picoult speak and she is very good. I really enjoyed Twelve Tribes of Hattie too!

    I’m a little jealous of all you east coast bloggers getting together (and all the great book stores)! 🙂

    Most recently, I’ve had Wool by Hugh Howey and In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell autographed.


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