The Returned by Jason Mott

The Returned via Love at First Book

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A few months ago, I met up with Leah @ Books Speak Volumes and Shannon @ River City Reading.  And not only was I happy to meet up with them and explore the Fountain Bookstore, Leah surprised Shannon & I with a bookish gift!

Leah passed on The Returned by Jason Mott, and after hearing so much about it, I just had to read it.

One of the first things I noticed about The Returned was how familiar it felt.  Why was it familiar?  I googled it, and while it’s being made into a TV show and there have been other TV shows about it, there’s nothing I connected with.  Until a fabulous Twitter user mentioned that Stephen King had written a story called Sometimes They Come Back, which is in one of his short story anthologies (Night Shift).

Anyway, I really liked The Returned, even though it felt very familiar to me.  I think that Jason Mott did a good job with this, especially because mouse over for spoiler.

In The Returned, people have come back from the dead. . . as people again.  Are they really people?  Why are they here?  How long will they stay?  Does this mean it’s time for the rapture or is something else going on?

The book makes you think. . . and that is the sign of a good book!

What book makes you think?


Interested in getting your own copy? Check it out on Amazon & Indiebound. I get a small percentage if you purchase from those links, and it doesn’t cost you any extra.


19 thoughts on “The Returned by Jason Mott

  1. Isn’t it such fun to meet up with fellow bloggers? I love it.

    I have read THE RETURNED as well. It was good but a bit on the odd side.

    It is reviewed on my blog.

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog


  2. I really enjoyed this book and was excited to see the show. I watched it the other night and am interested to see where they are going with it, since it deviates from the book. What an interesting idea, eh? Makes me wonder how I would cope if that happened to me – most definitely I would pass out in shock. LOL!


  3. I am so looking forward to reading this book… I have been hearing about it for a couple of months, and kind of teetering, unsure if it is my “type.” But so many have enjoyed it that I think you’ve sealed the deal for me.


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