Insomnia by Stephen King

For Kings March, a fabulous Stephen King event that Wensend & Fourth Street Review are putting on this month, I decided to go back to a classic King read and check out Insomnia by Stephen King.

Ralph Roberts is an older man who lost his wife Carolyn to cancer a few months ago.  Since then, he’s had a terrible time sleeping, and after months of insomnia, and trying every homemade remedy that people swear by, he’s having no luck.

But one day, tired Ralph spots something strange. . . colored auras around people.  And then he starts seeing these little “men” that no one

Insomnia by Stephen King via Love at First Book

Photo Credit: Goodreads

else seems to see.  Is he going crazy?  Is he just seeing things?

At the same time, Ed Deepneau, who was good friends with Ralph before Ed beat up his wife Helen ferociously, starts to act evil and strange as well.  Ed rants and raves about the Crimson King, the Centurions, the dead babies. . .

What in the world could be going on?

Ralph finds out quickly, when it turns out that only he and his neighborhood friend Lois are able to prevent a catastrophic event.  But the question is: Will they be able to prevent it in time?

Insomnia is classic Stephen King horror/supernatural.  It’s a heavy duty book best read digitally, since it’s a few hundred pages longer than most paperbacks.  Is it my favorite King?  No.  But I am glad that I have another SK to cross off my list!

What Stephen King book do you just think EVERYONE needs to read?


Interested in getting your own copy? Check it out on Amazon & Indiebound. I get a small percentage if you purchase from those links, and it doesn’t cost you any extra.

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31 thoughts on “Insomnia by Stephen King

  1. This one is not one of my favorites ever, but I did enjoy it – it has quite a few Dark Tower connections, which is fun. I always had a soft spot for Ralph. And this is actually the specific Stephen King book that inspired me to become a librarian (because of Helen).


  2. Woo an Insomnia review! I love this book – it’s probably my number 3 SK of all time. I discovered it when I was a teenager and have read it two or three times which is saying something based on it’s size. I would recommend The Shining, Doctor Sleep, or the Hearts in Atlantis novella set as must have for SK because they are my favorites. Also, the more SK you read the more interconnections between novels you find. In The Shining, he mentioned the evil men from Insomnia 20-some years before Insomnia was written!


    • Thanks! If you’re going to start with a good SK horror, I suggest something like Carrie or The Shining. But he’s got plenty of other genres of books, like more fantasy or more dark and realistic to pick from depending on what you like to read. I don’t consider myself a fan of horror. He’s the only “horror” author I read, and he’s super diverse.


  3. I’ve never been a huge SK fan, mainly because I remember being absolutely TERRIFIED after reading Pet Sematary in junior high school. However, I read 11/22/63 last summer and loved it. I’ve recommended it to many friends. I might be up to trying another. 🙂


  4. This one definitely sounds intriguing, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m actually reading Bag of Bones right now. My favorite of what I’ve read of him so far is probably The Long Walk – although both The Stand and The Talisman were great as well.


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