Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Twitter List Tutorial

 Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book

Welcome to Love at First Book’s Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Twitter Lists!  Even if you are not participating in this amazing event, this tutorial still may be helpful to you.

In the past, I hard time keeping track of my Twitter feed, and a fellow blogger suggested I create Twitter Lists.  These lists have been lifesavers, allowing me to keep track of my favorite bloggers and book news tweets, without these tweets being lost in the craziness of my feed.  And they are super easy to create and keep track of.

Creating a Twitter List

STEP 1: Login to your Twitter account via and click on Settings (the gear on the top right corner).  Scroll down and click on Lists.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 2: You should be on your profile page, with the List section right underneath your information.  Click on Create List.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 3: Create a new list.  You can see the one I created below.  There’s an option to make the list public or private.  I always make mine public, but I’m not doing anything sneaky on Twitter!  So decide if you need a private list or not, and then save your list.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 4: From here, you can add people you know by name, or, what is probably easier, click on Following.  On your Following page, you can see all of the people you are following via Twitter.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 5: To add someone you are following to your group, click on their individual Settings gear next to their information, and then click on Add/Remove From Lists.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 6: Click on the check box next to the list you want to add the Twitter user to, and click the X.

Twitter List Tutorial via Love at First Book


STEP 7: To find and follow your new list, click on the Me button at the top of the page, then click Lists, then click the name of the List you want to view, and voila!  All of the recent tweets from the individuals in the group are shown!

Twitter Tutorial via Love at First Book


*The great thing about Twitter lists is that they are viewable and easy to use in all of the different Twitter applications.  Although I do believe they are easier to create using


Your Mini-Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create your own Twitter list!  Then let me know if you think the Twitter lists are something you think you might us, or already do use!


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76 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Twitter List Tutorial

  1. I’m really excited about this because I’ve been meaning to do lists FOREVER. I’m an obsessive TweetDeck user (I can’t handle looking at the normal Twitter page, it makes me twitchy), so I’m going to see if I can do this through there. It’s going to be an adventure!


  2. I am a member of other people’s lists, but I must still create my own.
    I only follow bookish people from my blog twitter account, so for now I’m okay without a list 🙂 But thank you for the tutorial, because it would be fabulous to have a list for book bloggers and one for publishers! 🙂


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  4. I’ve created Twitter lists in the past, but for some reason I never actually look at them. Maybe because I’m still following relatively few people (about 200), so I don’t feel too overwhelmed by my feed yet?

    I find it odd that you can see (and get notifications) of what lists you’ve been added to, though. Apparently I’ve been added to such lists as “not following back yet.” Well…I’m not going to follow back now, if that’s all you’re after!


    • You’re kidding! Someone added you to a “not following back” list??? That’s terrible (and someone should tell that person they can make PRIVATE lists). Of course that person should not be followed back!

      I use the lists just to keep track of some of my favorite bloggers, as well as “news” which is mainly bookish news. But yes, maybe because your Twitter account is a little smaller, you’re finding it manageable. If it ever gets out of hand, definitely check out the Twitter lists!


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  7. My obsessive tendencies are going to love this feature. I have yet to use it. I just created a list, my only issue is that it is kind of a pain to add people. I follow so many and want to include them. I wish there was a way to bulk add for those of up just starting to use lists. :/ oh well, on to all the clicking!

    Thank you for this beautiful tutorial!


    • Actually, once you have the lists it is easy to add people! Do you use Twitter or another source?

      If you use Twitter and you see someone to add to the list, just click on the name of the person. Their pop-up profile comes up. Click on settings, scroll to “Add/Remove From List” and add them to the list! It’s super easy!

      I use another Twitter outlet, but it works the same with what I use, too.


  8. Thanks–this is super-helpful! I use Tweetdeck, but even so, find Twitter a bit overwhelming. Been meaning to do Lists for some time, and this is the kick in the butt that I need 😉


    • I also use Tweetdeck, and I can assure you this is just as fabulous when using Tweetdeck. Set it up in Twitter, because Twitter for sure makes it easier to set up the lists, but then, actually using the lists and adding more people to the lists in Tweetdeck should be very easy.

      Let me know if you have questions!


  9. I absolutely LOVE using lists. I mostly use TweetDeck, which has columns, so lists come in handy when I’m using that program. I think if I have time I might go in there and organize things better. When I first started my Twitter account I swore I was going to be mega organized… and then something happened. I don’t know what, but I’m not so organized anymore. Haha!


  10. One of my goals for Bloggiesta is to redo my Twitter lists. I have them… I actually use them as tags so I can remember where I met people or why I started following them, even if I have no intention of ever checking the feed of that list.

    Anyway, they’ve gotten out of control, so I need to redo them. I just wish Twitter made it a little easier… had a mass-edit option, or a way to sort and filter that made it easier to see if I missed anyone I meant to put in a particular list.


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  12. I’ve never thought about making lists on Twitter, but I can see how they could be super useful! Definitely going to give this a shot over the weekend 🙂


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  14. Rebecca: I’ve done the mini challenge but not as a mini challenge, because it was one of my goals for this bloggiesta 🙂

    I went through the 500+ profiles I was following and put one by one in lists. Now I can see everything better on twitter, and I think I like this social network more 😉


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  16. I would totally use this! I knew there were lists, but was just too lazy I guess to make them. I will have to spend some more time, but I’ve created two lists already 🙂


  17. I really like Twitter lists as a way to remember authors I’d like to promote. If I love an author, especially an indie author, I like to stop by periodically and see if there’s anything I can do to spread the word 🙂 Great tutorial!


  18. THIS is exactly what I needed. I’m so tired of scrolling through my feed looking for the tweets I WANT to see. Now I can get in and see my blogger list or my close friends list and get out. Thank you!


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  20. Twitter lists are awesome! I follow just way too many people and it is impossible to keep up. So I have some special lists so I don’t miss the postings of my friends 🙂


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